What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About MIGRAINES

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About MIGRAINES
I tried acupuncture, biofeedback, not drinking alcohol, elimination diets, and eventually wound up with the fact that I am simply going to have to lived with them and treat myself with sumatriptans for rescue relief when I feel one coming on.
For myself, traditionally autumn is the worst time of year and this year, the migraines came on with a vengeance in September.  Again, you hate your life and at some point you feel like it’s time to throw in the towel because it can be impossible to live one’s life with this serious head pain.  Obviously I have been to neurologists and physicians and had work-ups including MRI screens and tried methods like botox injections and even hormonal manipulation.  Alas, I was given pain meds and triptans and told to come back if things worsened. What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About MIGRAINES
This September, as I said, the pain hit me with a vengeance and I had migraines almost daily through the end of October.  I even had one day where the triptans did not work and I had to drive myself to the emergency room.
I am writing this article about what doctors don’t tell you about migraines because these two things are simply things we don’t tell you because “we don’t know.” Many of you may already know about these two items, but they were new to me, and they seemed to have saved me from a life of headaches to one where I wake up and feel great.  These two items stopped my migraines in their tracks and I am so thankful.
Today I want to talk about Petadolex.  This is a specific formulation of purple butterbur.  Now, I have tried butterbur in the past with absolutely no results.  Pentadolex has been available in Europe since 1972.  It has effects on the smooth muscle of blood vessels and stabilizes blood flow through them which decreases the throbbing of these vessels.  Petadolex is the only safe formulation of butterbur on the market in my opinion and it has saved my life.
Obviously, go to your physician if you are suffering from severe migraines and make sure there is nothing serious going on and then if you are given the green light, try Petadolex.
If you click the link about and sign-up using code 4466 you’ll get 20% off the order.  This has been a life-saver for me both for treatment and prevention of migraines.

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About MIGRAINES

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