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Moving Aging Parents into Your House

by Kendall VanBlarcom
Granddaughter Visiting Grandparents In Lounge Of Retirement Home

Are you considering moving an aging parent into your home? For some, moving parents into an adult child’s home is an optimal solution for everyone involved, but there are things to keep in mind to secure a smooth transition.

Benefits of Living with Your Elderly Parents

Some families find living with multiple generations is beneficial for everyone. For an aging parent, it can help to decrease feelings of isolation. And adult children can welcome the support of another adult while raising their own young children.

Even if you are looking forward to transitioning your parents from their own home into yours, remember to think of others involved. The move will have an impact on your spouse and children as well. It might also bring up issues with your siblings. Talk the transition through with everyone who is impacted.

Finances Are Part of the Equation

When we are dealing with our families and our emotions, often people ignore financial aspects to a decision. And finances when moving aging parents can mean a lot of different things, from adjusting work schedules to remodeling your home.

Do you have enough space for your parents to move into your home? Will you need to add an additional bedroom or bathroom? When thinking of questions like these, calculate what the costs will be and if you can afford the expenses. From there, discuss with your parent (and your siblings, when applicable) if a portion of their income will be added to your household budget. In fact, you may need to help your parent with their finances.

Once you begin this discussion, you can add other thoughts that weigh on your mind, too. From if your parent is anticipating joining you and your spouse on vacations and what the rules of the house will be.

Home Renovations When Moving Aging Parents

For aging adults, certain home items are needed to be comfortable and safe. For example, if a wheelchair is needed (either immediately or if it is an anticipated need in the next six months to a year), ramps and expanded doorways may be a necessity. Senior.com can help you find the right equipment to make your home safe for seniors.

Some adjustments won’t need a renovation but will need an experienced handyman who knows what is needed, from grab bars in bathrooms to adjusting light fixtures to be accessible for everyone in the family.

There are a lot of factors that go into making a big decision such as deciding it’s time for moving your aging parent into your home. Talk through your concerns with a professional.

Discussing your fears can also bring new things to light you hadn’t considered. Some find there is stress involved with day-to-day care. Grocery shopping, cooking, washing clothes, cutting hair, watching over decisions and possibly managing medications can take a toll.

Multigenerational families can be a wonderful experience, but there are stresses involved. Go into the agreement with your parents honestly. Talk through the decision with your spouse and your children. Be sure your siblings are on board, too.

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