Why Jitterbug has the Best Cell or Smart Phones for Seniors

When you compare cell phones for seniors, it’s easy to get lost in the details. The choice will depend on their needs — will they want a more complex smartphone, a basic flip phone, or a middle-of-the-road phone with standard technology? The most easy-to-use cell phones for seniors are basic flip phones. For those with limited dexterity or bigger fingers, big button phones for seniors work well. The most important features in an easy phone for seniors include: A clear, big, bright display Good sound and speakers Long battery life An emergency help button A durable build Best Cell Phone

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Sharing Caregiving With Siblings

Does your parent suddenly need care and you and your siblings are struggling with how to manage caregiving duties? While it can be difficult to figure out a system that will work for your family, once you create a plan that includes everyone, the burden will be lighter for all involved. Define the Caregiving Tasks Let’s face it. There is always going to be one sibling who lives closer or has more free time – or makes more free time – who will take the leadership role. That doesn’t mean that person has to do everything all alone. If you

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This Grandparent Scam Continues to Sweep Nation

The next time you receive a call from a relative asking for money, be sure that person is who he or she claims to be. In a recent scam, a senior received a call from a person pretending to be her grandson. The caller told the woman he had been arrested and needed bail money to be released from jail. To prove he was telling the truth, the caller handed the phone to another man who claimed to be a detective. The detective said the woman's grandson was indeed in jail and would only be released if she mailed $10,000

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Your grandchildren need to read the book of you

Author Thomas Cirignano maintains that “each of us is a book waiting to be written.” He adds that the book will result “in a person explained.” Your children and grandchildren may think they have a full explanation of who you are. But, without your memoirs, they will never understand the experiences that have shaped the person they think they know. Until you record the forces that created present-day you, your family will only have a partial picture of the family member they love. Your memoirs should be recorded—not necessarily for publication, but rather—so your loved ones will have a tangible record to

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Hardest Most Rewarding Job is Caregiving

Organizing Care for an Aging Loved One

Whether or not your job includes working outside enduring the elements or seeing others suffer with no ability to change their situation, caregiving for a loved one possibly could be the most difficult job of all. Why, because it is a job from the heart and not one easily left behind once you leave the job site. Hardest Most Rewarding Job is Caregiving How do you leave loved ones who are unable to go out and do much else for themselves without a saddened tug on your heart? Your heart wants you to know to that it is alright to do

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Change of Life Seasons

A Change of Seasons

Do you remember when you were raising that houseful of kids?  It seemed that there was never a moment’s peace for you. Of course, as a parent you like being with your children. But when you got home from a long days work, sometimes a little peace and quiet was what you were hoping for rather than a chorus of needs, demands, complaints and requirements for litigation of their petty squabbles. But that’s what you got and you were dad so you took care of business for your family. Change of Life Seasons Or if you had the kids around all

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Grandma and Grandpa Time to Have the Money Talk

What Aging Parents Want from their Kids

Grandma and Grandpa Time to Have the Money Talk It's Time to Teach your Grandchildren Financial Lessons With a lifetime of experience, most grandparents are happy to share their wisdom with their grandchildren, offering advice on things like school, marriage, gardening, sports and more. A new study, however, finds grandparents may be missing a significant opportunity to make a positive impact on their grandchildren’s financial futures by simply talking to them about money.One reason for this is grandparents don’t think their grandchildren want to hear from them about money matters. But that’s not true, according to the study commissioned by

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