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Making Exercise Fun

by Jeff Dailey

Making Exercise Fun

Do What You Like

Making Exercising FunIf you don’t like jogging, just don’t jog. Ditto with swimming or weight lifting. Choose to do the activities you like – and you’ll be much more likely to stick with an exercise program. Try some new activities that you’ve never done to find out if you like them. Often the newness of an activity will keep you interested and motivated!

Do A Variety of Activities

Mix up your activities so you don’t get bored. Take a hike on Monday, go to your swimming class on Tuesday, work with weights on Wednesday. If you lose interest, it’s time to shake up your routine. Add new activities or change the way you pursue the ones that have worked so far.

Be Sociable – Get An Exercise Buddy

Instead of exercising alone, do it with a friend – or a group. Set a regular date for taking a walk with a friend, or join a yoga class that meets the same time each week. Join a hiking group in your area that finishes up with dinner out after each hike – or attend a local square dance night. Not only will you keep your body fit, you’ll make new friends too!
Having a buddy can also make you feel more at-ease about signing up for a new class. It’s comforting to try new activities with a friend.
If you don’t want anyone to see you sweat or look at you in your exercise attire, putting a treadmill in your bedroom or buying an exercise video is a good idea.

Combine Something You Like With Exercising

Some people hate to exercise no matter what activities they do or when they do them. If that describes you, don’t give up on exercising because it is key to your long-term health. Instead try to combine exercise with something you really like to do. For example, if you love to shop, do your walking at the mall when the crowds are thin or when most of the stores are closed, so you can walk quickly and get some exercise, and still look in the windows. You can even combine your walking with buying some new clothes to walk in!
If you love to watch TV, put a TV in the same room as your treadmill or stationery bicycle, and watch TV while you exercise. You can also lift weights and do resistance training while you’re watching TV. If you hate to exercise, but like to visit with a friend, make a deal with your friend that if you both go to a weekly exercise class, you’ll treat yourselves to a meal or a movie afterwards.

Keep Track of Your Progress – and the Calories You Burn

If you’re a walker, wear a pedometer. It’s fun to see how many steps you walk each day and wearing the pedometer gives you a new challenge every day when you wake up. Many fitness experts advise that we should walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
You can also keep a log of your activities – what types of activities you do every day and how long you do them. This will help you stay motivated when you realize how much you’ve accomplished! Set goals that have to do with how much and how often you participate rather than how fast you walk or how many pounds you lift. These kind of goals are easier to achieve and can give you a sense of satisfaction that will help you stay motivated.
Take a look at the calories you’re burning when you exercise and how many calories you expend when you do your everyday activities. It motivates you to keep moving and maybe eat less too!
NOTE: Always talk with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Every type of exercise is not appropriate for all people, especially if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. And it’s important that you start slowly with any physical activity.

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