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Wet or Dry Dog Food?

by Jeff Dailey
Wet or Dry Dog Food?

If you have a dog you may wonder which is the best food for your dog: dry food or canned food? That’s the great debate. There are pros and cons to both, so… let’s make a list: Wet or Dry Dog Food?
Dry Dog Food Pros Wet or Dry Dog Food?

  • Helps keep dogs teeth clean from tartar
  • More nutritious
  • Dogs have better breath
  • Easier to store
  • Easier to handle
  • More cost effective
  • Less likely to spoil

Wet Dog Food Pros Wet or Dry Food for Dogs?

  • More proteins included
  • Contains fewer preservatives
  • Contains less grain and more moisture keeps a dog hydrated and benefits the urinary tract
  • Is very flavourful, often the preferred taste for dogs
  • May be better if your dog has certain health issues

Dry Dog Food Cons

  • Not all dry foods are quality foods
  • Usually has more preservatives

Wet Dog Food Cons

  • Sticks on dogs teeth causing tooth problems
  • Requires more dental treatments
  • Gives dogs bad breath
  • More expensive
  • Less healthy because it contains a higher fat content and more water
  • Once opened canned food can spoil quickly

Now that we’ve gone over the list of pros and cons, let me say that absolutely nothing is carved in stone. Your dog may have a health issue that requires him to eat canned instead of dry. For example, dogs that have lost their chewing teeth or have dental disease may not be able to chew dry dog food, and may only be able to eat canned food. I fostered a dog once that would only eat her dry dog food with 2 tablespoons of canned food mixed in.
You will find that some experts promote canned food for puppies and switch to dry food for adult dogs. The obstacle with this is that it’s difficult to make the switch.
You may have a dog that is a really picky eater or one that gulps his food with the speed of light and then throws up. These dogs need your help. Work out a plan with your Vet. This article was not meant to have all the answers. It was intended to give you some things to think about. It’s not as simple as “grab a bag of dog food from the store” and we’re good to go. As a responsible pet parent, you’ve got some things to think about. Now, talk to your Vet, ask your questions (be sure to ask for the rationale behind the thought), and together build your strategy. Wet or Dry Food for Dogs?
Above all else, remember to hug your pet today. Wet or Dry Dog Food?

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