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How To Turn Your Love For Writing Into A Job

by Guest Blogger
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So you finally have time to follow your heart and do something that you truly love. If you like writing, we’ve got really good news for you — you may enjoy so many opportunities to turn your passion into a job. And here’s how.

First, examine the writing business.

No matter how great you can write, it won’t help you find your dream job. You’ll need to learn about this field. You need to read about current trends in writing, search for popular job offers for writers, examine the rates and see what’s there for you.

Second, decide what kind of job you’d like to do.

Writers are quite in demand these days. So, this is another good news. You can become a copywriter, a rewriter, an editor, a blog writer, an academic writer, the list can go on and go on. Ask yourself what you feel excited to try.

Third, find the like-minded.

Discover the groups of people who are already in the field you want to become a part of. Search for websites, and platforms where you can connect with the like-minded and see how it works in your field of interest.

Fourth, don’t let your to-do list get to 4, and plunge into writing jobs.

As soon as you’ve grasped what kind of writing job you want to try out, create a portfolio website, start a blog, or join various platforms for writers. If you’re okay with social media, don’t hesitate to make some presence there. This way your personality will speak to your possible employers. It’s essential to be yourself and have your own voice and style, so that your writing will stand out.

Freelance platforms

You may join various freelance platforms, create your portfolio and start looking for writing opportunities. Different platforms work differently when it comes to setting rates, deadlines, commissions and stuff. But they all have one thing in common — there are a number of bloggers and businesses looking for skilled writers to create custom-created content for them.

If you’re into academic writing, there are a few companies that actively employ essay ghostwriters. Most of the time you will have to write book reviews and simple essays that don’t require much time. You can find out more info about such essay writing companies here.

Starting Your Own Blog

If you feel expert in something and you’re ready to share, why don’t you try starting your own blog? It may sound risky, but you can try out several niches, and see which one is gaining the most popularity. The best thing about blogging is writing about what drives you and earning money. Isn’t it a dream job?

Pay Per Post

In case you’re not interested in keeping your own blog, you may help other bloggers with their content. There are tons of websites like payperpost.com where you can find people looking for someone to write blog content for them. Seems like something you can give a try.

Summing up

As you see turning your love for writing into a job isn’t as scary and difficult, as it may seem at the beginning. So have no doubts, and explore this new field with a bit of childish curiosity. Wish you good luck!


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