Starting a Blog After 50: Move Over Millennials

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When many people think of blogging, they might imagine a teenager or—at the oldest end—a thirty-something writing indulgently about personal interests or drama in their daily lives. While these groups of people do make up many bloggers, blogging after age 50 can provide a ton of benefits for older people, too. Starting a blog after age 50 is easier than ever, thanks to free, intuitive tools that can make launching a blog easy, no matter what your interests are. Blogging for older people not only promotes good mental health by acting as a stress-coping mechanism and sharpening cognitive ability, but

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Freelancing After 50: 4 Tips to Get Started

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  When you reach the age of fifty, you start assessing your achievements until now and think of what you can do next to improve your life. At this age, you most probably have a family and children at the age of puberty. Therefore, you still have a lot to accomplish, and you should do your best to stay as active as possible. A person at this age shouldn’t feel like he/she cannot change his life and try something new in their professional career. You shouldn’t think that if you just celebrated the 50thanniversary, you won’t be a valuable asset

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Your grandchildren need to read the book of you

Author Thomas Cirignano maintains that “each of us is a book waiting to be written.” He adds that the book will result “in a person explained.” Your children and grandchildren may think they have a full explanation of who you are. But, without your memoirs, they will never understand the experiences that have shaped the person they think they know. Until you record the forces that created present-day you, your family will only have a partial picture of the family member they love. Your memoirs should be recorded—not necessarily for publication, but rather—so your loved ones will have a tangible record to

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Tips to Writing the Perfect Card or Note

Everyone loves to discover a handwritten card or note among a thick stack of mail. Regardless of how many electronic words we get bombarded with each day, the personal touch of a message written by hand remains a special gesture that never goes out of style. From choosing a card or stationery that reflects a personal style to accenting the letter with the right seal or stamp, every detail matters to underscore a thoughtful message. Stamps are often one of the first details noted by a letter recipient, so choosing a stamp such as the love-letter themed Sealed with Love

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