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How Much Do Stair Chair Lifts Cost

by Kimberly Johnson

elevator-chair-for-stairs-13-amazing-pictures-stair-chairs-design-pictures-home-stair-designStair Chair Lifts – Factors determining Costs
Stair chair lifts are valuable additions to any residential or commercial building. In fact, they can be a cost-effective alternative to an elevator, which would require the installation of shafts, cable systems, cabins, and so on. The operation of a stair lift is simple – it takes the user up and down a stairway at just the press of a button. The actual cost of a stair lift depends on various factors which are discussed below.
Stairway configuration:
The type of stairway (curved, spiral or straight) is one of the main factors that influence cost. Installing curved stair lifts would involve a greater expense than setting up straight stairlifts.
Battery-operated models or DC models are more expensive than electrically-operated or AC stair lifts. DC models have the advantage that they can be operated even during power outages as they are battery-supported.
Additional features:
If you customize a stair lift, it would raise the price. For instance, you can have a lift that includes a wheelchair platform. You can also have it fitted with arms. These adjustments would result in a higher cost. In any case, features such as swivel seat, non-skid adjustable foot rest, safety braking system, obstruction sensors and seat belts are standard in almost all models.
Going in for a good brand is would mean paying a higher price, but ensure good value for money. The technology and features incorporated raise the cost of stair chair lifts. Some of the quality lifts for stairs available from leading manufacturers include Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor, Electra-Ride III, Electra-Ride Elite, Step Saver, B.07, Flow II, Stair-Glide, and so on.
The cost is also influenced by installation expenses. To get a clear idea about the expenses of the stair lift system, your buildings should be well-assessed by installation experts. If your stairlifts can be installed without much structural modification, it would cost considerably less.
Reconditioned or pre-owned stair lifts would cost less that new. Going in for a reconditioned model is a good option when you are concerned about your budget. Many dealers buy used lifts and revamp them to work like new before they are offered for sale. Make sure you look at the warranty options when you buy this lift.
Buy from a Reliable Dealer:
When you buy a stair lift, it is important to consider the service charges, maintenance and repair costs, and the warranty that comes with it. You should take care to buy the device from a reliable dealer. Established suppliers have a wide inventory of leading models of stair chair lifts and would offer professional advice on the right one for your building and the costs involved.

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