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Hiring Staff for Your Home Care Franchise

by Richard Bitner
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As a home care franchise owner, there will come a time when you need help handling your workload. While many home care franchise owners spend their first months as their company’s primary or sole caregiver, an expanding client base means that you’ll soon need to expand your workforce. Hiring Staff for Your Home Care Franchise
Hiring Staff for Your Home Care FranchiseThere are lots of qualities you can use to screen and evaluate caregiver candidates for your home care franchise. At Visiting Angels, our corporate team regularly guides new home care franchise owners through the staffing process – giving them tips on how to find strong candidates, what screening procedures to use, and what criteria to rely on for your ultimate decision.
Here are some of the things you should consider when hiring new staff for your home care franchise:

The Right Credentials

Start off by searching for caregivers who carry the proper certification to work as care providers in your region. Certification requirements change state by state, and you should be familiar with what kinds of certification your new staff members will need.

The Right Experience

A candidate with plenty of existing senior care experience is (almost) always preferable to one without. But finding a caregiver with the right kind of experience profile makes a big difference. Check the amount of time this caregiver has spent with individual companies and clients, ask about what kinds of care environments he/she has worked in, and learn what kinds of a care he/she has helped assist with. Look for candidates with a breadth of experience and a strong track record.

The Right References

So much of running a home care franchise lies in keeping clients happy. A strong candidate for your home care franchise should be able quickly supply you with glowing references from previous clients or their family members. Be sure to take the time to follow up on references, as these will tell you a lot about the way each candidate approaches care.

The Right Attitude

A warm, supportive approach is essential for any caregiver. Before hiring a new caregiver for your home care franchise, you should be confident that you’ve chosen a candidate who will bring warmth and care into the lives of your clients. References help here, and an interview will tell you a lot about any candidate’s personality, how they approach home care, and their ability to respond to adversity.

Resources You Can Use

If you’re hiring staff for a home care franchise, your franchisor should offer support with the hiring process. For example, at Visiting Angels, the corporate team regularly guides franchise owners through hiring their first employee caregivers. If you have that kind of support available to you, be sure to take advantage of it, as it can be the difference between a great hire and a so-so staff member. Hiring Staff for Your Home Care Franchise

Hiring Staff for Your Home Care Franchise

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