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What to Expect Owning a Senior Care Franchise

by Richard Bitner
Best Franchises are in Senior Care

So you’ve decided to purchase a senior care franchise. You’ve done research on home care’s upcoming growth boom, have chosen the franchise you want to be a part of, and you’ve committed yourself to staring a new business. What to Expect Owning a Senior Care Franchise
Now what?
What to Expect Owning a Senior Care FranchiseYour first year as a senior care franchise owner promises to be a busy, exciting, and rewarding ride. At Visiting Angels, we’ve guided all of our franchise owners through the same adventure you’re about to take part in. And as the #1 ranked home care franchise in Franchise Business Review’s 2015 franchisee satisfaction survey, we know a thing or two about what it takes to get through those first 12 months.
Here’s what you can expect in year one of owning a senior care franchise.

Franchisee Training

The first thing you should expect is a flood of new information. Any franchise worth its salt budgets plenty of time for training new franchisees. At Visiting Angels, we have an extensive and comprehensive training program for new franchise owners. We cover everything you need to know about home care, and build your skills and knowledge as a new business owner.
This is a time to soak in as much new info as possible, as there is valuable information for franchise owners of all backgrounds. At Visiting Angels, many of our first-time franchisees come to us knowing nothing about home care and with limited business skills, while others have previously worked as care providers or have owned their own businesses.

Getting Set Up

There are plenty of i’s to dot, t’s to cross, and dotted lines to sign before opening your senior care franchise. You’ll need to get licensed and registered, obtain insurance, find office space, install phone lines, and set up the infrastructure of your new business. What to Expect Owning a Senior Care Franchise
Support is valuable during this time, which is why Visiting Angels offers extensive corporate support to new franchise owners. Our corporate staff are experts in the state-to-state requirements for senior care agencies and counsel new franchise owners on how to get their business up and running.

Ready. Set. Go.

Your first week of business will likely be a whirlwind. Ditto your first month. As a new franchise owner, the weeks just before and just after opening are often the busiest stretches of time you’ll spend on your business. Expect to carry most of the workload, as most new franchises are light on additional staffing. What to Expect Owning a Senior Care Franchise
This is another point in the year where strong support from your franchisor is valuable. With limited time and resources, new franchisees often rely on corporate for guidance on whenever new issues come up. Strong corporate support can give you the quick, high-quality answers and resources you need to stay on your feet through the first few weeks.

Growing Your Business

Your second month as a senior care franchise owner will likely be easier than your first, and your third month easier than your second. Soon, you’ll start to get into the swing of things, relying less and less on outside support. Once you’ve found your footing, you can start adding new staff, searching out fresh leads, and growing your business in other ways.

Settling In

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself on stable ground, turning your attention to the details that successful businesses thrive on. By year’s end, you’ll feel like a whole different person – and why wouldn’t you? In twelve, short months you’ll have gone from a prospective entrepreneur to the owner of a full-fledged business in an industry poised for exceptional growth.
Ready to become a senior care franchise owner? Why not take your journey with Visiting Angels? Request information today to find a senior care franchise opportunity near you.
What to Expect Owning a Senior Care Franchise

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