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CBD for Your Pets

by Jesse Dunn

Nowadays, many consumers are using cannabidiol oil (CBD) as apart of their daily routine. The use cases and potential health benefits of CBD oil for humans have started to become widely known through various peer-reviewed studies. And while there are several successful user testimonies that are firm believers in the power of CBD, people wonder if it can be given to their pets? The simple answer is yes, as all mammals have the endocannabinoid system and many pets are actual CBD users too! Human beings are not the only ones who use CBD, pets are starting to receive CBD treatments too!

The endocannabinoid system, also called ECS, has now been found to exist in all vertebrates, including mammals. Cannabinoid receptors are common in both animals and humans. Mammals all have an endocannabinoid system that requires proper levels of cannabinoids to function properly. Similar to how CBD interacts with receptors in our ECS, cannabinoids bind to receptors within the animal’s body.

Among others, CBD oil has been recommended to help with several health conditions. Research on how cannabinoids (including CBD) affect the human body has shown that they mainly interact with our endocannabinoid system, a nervous system that exists throughout our body.

Is it safe for my dog?

Early research and anecdotal testimonials show that CBD has helped pets in many different ways. In more general terms, feedback from pet owners show that CBD can be used to soothe your dogs. CBD creates a legal quagmire for anybody who wants to study or recommend its effectiveness as a medicine for animals. To date, there have been no rigorous scientific studies published on marijuana, or even the non-psychoactive CBD, as a treatment for pets with arthritis, seizures, anxiety, or any other medical conditions. But that may soon (hopefully) be changing, as a few studies are either in the planning stages or underway.

It’s not hard to find stories of pet owners who report similar effects after giving their dogs CBD oil or treats. However, the lack of scientific conduct of CBD for animals makes it hard to pull out real facts from the purely anecdotal evidence.

What CBD products can I give my pet?


Medterra Tincture

One of the most popular methods of giving a pet CBD is by CBD oil in a tincture. A tincture is liquid extract made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). CBD oil comes in a dropper glass bottle, with a pipette that can be used to squirt the desired serving size.

CBD Isolate

Medterra Tincture

Another method of giving your pets CBD would be using CBD crystalline, or isolate. This appears as a crystalline powder, and tiny amounts can be added to your pet’s wet food for easy consumption.

CBD Pet Treats

Medterra Tincture

There are many easy ways to give your pets CBD and that would be in the form of a pet treat. These treats appear as a regular dog treat, which comes in many shapes and sizes of a biscuit.

CBD Capsules

Medterra Tincture

These capsules will contain a certain strength of CBD, viable for pets. While this is an option, there is a limited variety as the ingredients would have to pet friendly and owners may have concern if their pet would be able to swallow the CBD pill.

How do I give my dog CBD?

CBD Oil Method:

Many pet owners have successfully been able to administer CBD oil for their pets by squirting a few drops directly into their pet’s mouth. To do this, they gently wiggle the dropper between their pet’s gums towards the back of the mouth. When they open their mouth, squirt the CBD oil straight in. However, if this proves to be tricky, adding the preferred serving size to their food is a reliable option. Especially if done on a delicious wet treat or snack.

CBD Isolate Method:

Scooping the desired serving size, mix it into your pet’s wet food for consumption. The isolate will blend better with wet food and will be absorbed quicker rather than on dry food. If wet food is not an option, try a moist snack like peanut butter.

CBD Pet Treats Method:

Simply give your pet the treat as you normally would give them a regular treat.

CBD Capsules Method:

Depending on the size of the capsule and your pet, please be wary that your pet does not choke on the capsules. While there are CBD capsules for pets, it is not a popular method as the sizes of capsules may vary with concerns of the animal being able to swallow it down.

Where can I buy CBD for my Pet?

While CBD is widely available in many local grocery stores, tobacco shops and online, depending on your personal preference, it may be easier to find CBD for pets online. However, many pet owners have used regular CBD for their pets as well.

We are all animal lovers here at Medterra and love helping our fur babies. Many of our customers are actually pets who have used our MedOil CBD Tinctures and Med99+ CBD Isolate. Our customer service manager gives CBD to her 3 little dachshunds, dripping about 5 drops of the 500mg tincture on their moist food in the morning and evening!

Case Example

Medterra Tincture

“One month later and my dog is already walking around without as much pain. We stopped all medications. She is only on CBD now and is doing great!”

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