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DIY Home Carpet Replacement Projects

by Jeff Dailey

CarpetFor some people, the thought of replacing their carpet as a do-it-yourself project might appear to be too great of a task to accomplish on their own. Though it might be beneficial to seek the aid of other family members or friends for assistance, the process of carpet installation is a task that any individual would be able to do on their own and save money as compared to the hiring of a professional company. To aid simplify this home DIY project, it is important to break it down into simplistic steps which are easy for anybody to follow. With the installation of home carpet, it is best to follow the 3 steps of demolition, selection, and installation.
1. Demolition
For several home owners, the demolition process of any home DIY project represents the most fun a person would be able to have in relation to labor. Having the opportunity to tear out the old look in order to open the foundation to new opportunities, is a stepping stone towards total project satisfaction. When you are looking to start the demolition process, its vital to remove any objects from the room that will interfere with this process, and ensuring you remove all the pre existing flooring. For a room that has carpet, you will need to remove the carpet and even the underlay underneath, in order to avoid any undesired staining or scents in your new carpet installation. For hard wood or stone flooring, there’s often opportunity to simply lay a new carpet on top and avoid the demolition process of chipping up tile or scraping out wood.
2. Selection
The very next step of this home DIY project is taken with the selection process of your new carpet. The timing associated with the selection can occur following the demolition step or before the demolition step, depending on your uncertainty about flooring options. When making your selection for the best carpet to fit your home, its vital to consider price in addition to what the carpet offers you. Selecting a product solely based on price could lead to making the wrong selection for your home environment and traffic demands. Often, a home owner will discover a quality product that doesn’t cost much more than the low cost alternative, making it the better bargain.
3. Installation
The last step of any project is commonly found with installation. When installing your new carpet, it is vital to make sure you have all the right products and also all the essential tools. With your best carpet selection, make sure you have the appropriate underlay and any adhesives or tack strips that might be required. When you have accumulated the appropriate tools and products required to complete your installation process, you’ll achieve fantastic results in your goal of completing your flooring.
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