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Changing Your Perspective of a Situation

by Kendall VanBlarcom
Changing Your Perspective of a Situation

Whenever there is a situation in your life you are not quite fond of, you may find yourself unable to see it any differently. You are stuck on your beliefs. Those beliefs are what makes the situation so difficult to deal with, though. When you’re able to change your beliefs or perspective, you can alter the way you approach the situation. Changing Your Perspective of a Situation

How to Do It

It’s not easy to change your perspective, but it’s possible. The following can help you do that.

Consider Alternatives

Many people get stuck on one belief, and they simply cannot change it. They want to believe it wholeheartedly, but it may not be completely right or true. Changing Your Perspective of a Situation
Changing your perspective starts with considering alternatives to a situation. What else could be going on with it? You may not believe, but just thinking about it can help you start seeing things differently.

Ask Yourself Questions

Asking yourself questions can help you get unstuck. You will naturally want to answer those questions you ask, and that might bring up some ideas that you’ve never had before about what you’re dealing with at the moment.
If you are having a difficult time doing this in your mind, don’t hesitate to start writing them down. This way you can see what you’re thinking and be able to problem solve much easier.

Think About How You Would Act

Once you have the alternatives in mind, you may want to start thinking about how you would respond to the situation if that was what the situation was… For example, if you thought a friend stole money from you and you’re angry about it, you may want to change your perspective to your friend thinking the money was his because he had left some in a similar spot. In that case, you may not be mad and simply ask him if he took your money by accident. Or your perspective may be that your friend must have really needed money if he took it from you, so you may want to start helping him in some other way.
Sometimes, you need to start acting in a way that goes along with the alternate perception. This will click in your mind and help you believe that other perspective. With time, that other perspective becomes the one that you end up going with, which makes the situation not so bad.

Why This Is Important

Usually, people’s perspectives are negative. This creates negative feelings and problems in life. Instead of doing that, you can cut out a lot of the stress in your life by just changing the way you look at things. This way you can change your reactions to them.
If you need additional help with this exercise, contact Kendall Van Blarcom. He is a personal consultant who helps many people consider alternatives to their situation, so they can change their perceptions and reactions. Sessions are conducted via phone, and are completely confidential. Book your session now for the help you need now.

Changing Your Perspective of a Situation

Changing Your Perspective of a Situation Changing Your Perspective of a Situation Changing Your Perspective of a Situation
Changing Your Perspective of a Situation

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