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Benefits of Transport Chairs

by Kimberly Johnson

Benefits of Transport Chairs


People use wheelchairs for a number of different mobility problems with a number of different causes, but the goal is always to remain as mobile and independent as possible. So what would be the benefit of using a transport wheelchair, which does not allow its user to travel independently, and requires another person be present in order for the user to be moved?
People may benefit from the use of transport chairs if they are in a situation where they cannot, due to physical or mental limitations, use a motorized wheelchair to transport themselves. This is an extreme situation, considering the fact that power wheelchairs are designed to be operated even by people with minimal muscle strength or hand coordination. In cases of total paralysis or lack of limbs, a person may need help to get around.
A person who could operate an electric wheelchair with extreme difficulty but who needs constant medical assistance for any aspect of their physical condition may opt for the use of a transport chair for the matter of cost and convenience. Transport chairs are the least expensive wheelchairs on the market, as well as being extremely light-weight. If a person does not need constant medical assistance, an electric wheelchair will pay for itself in a matter of weeks because the user will not have to pay a nurse. But if a wheelchair user needs medical assistance and has trouble using an electric wheelchair, they can save money by using a transport chair, and at the same time reduce the weight the medical assistant will have to push if your wheelchair has a motor.
Otherwise, transport chairs are generally only used for temporary situations. They are used to transport hospital patients or for people who are temporarily too weak to walk or use a manual wheelchair because they are recovering from an illness or medical procedure. If traveling with a companion, an electric wheelchair user may opt for a transport chair because it is a low-cost and extremely light-weight and portable mobility device. If you’re going on vacation, however, you do also have the option of renting a power wheelchair at your destination, and transportable power wheelchairs are available which can be brought on a plane. If you travel frequently by yourself, this is a good investment, although the weight is still much heavier than that of a transport chair. If you travel with a companion who is willing to push you around, a transport chair is an economic option.
When independent mobility is impossible to achieve or for temporary situations, a transport wheelchair is an inexpensive option to help you get around.
Article Source: EzineArticles, Adam Hefner

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