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Benefits of Living in an Active Adult Community

by Jagger Esch

Today’s seniors could discover an active adult community is exactly what they’ve been missing. Offering an ideal environment for retirees seeking a low-maintenance, but still active lifestyle. Many senior communities have resort-like advantages for residents.

As retirement nears closer, many people wonder what benefits come from leaving their pre-retirement home. Exploring an active adult community is a great start.

The number of seniors looking for an adult community across the country is on the rise. This could be the cause for the more recent increase in such communities.

Sometimes a retiree prefers to live in a more comfortable climate or needs to downsize for financial reasons. Other times it’s a matter of wanting to live closer to their loved ones.

Benefit from Living in an Active Adult Community

Neighborhoods specific to a 55 and older community are retirement homes or active adult communities. These neighborhoods aim to accommodate the lifestyle of a retiree.

Today, more individuals are moving into adult communities before retirement. State and federal rules regulate these communities. Each neighborhood has its own rules and regulations. Some require ALL residents be at least 55 or older; however, others may only require 80% of residents to be 55 or older.

Congress initiated an 80% rule to allow younger adults to stay in their home should their 55+ spouse pass. However, children under the age of 18 may not live in an active adult community full-time. Most associations allow 30-60 days each year for minors to visit.

Although, rules and regulations may vary depending on the community guidelines. Additional regulations may include the retiree’s income, financial situation or criminal background.

There are many reasons a person may decide to move into an active adult community.

Older Adults Benefit from a More Active Lifestyle

One of the most beneficial aspects of moving to an adult community is the active lifestyle that comes with it. Many communities have various activities to choose from; all of which are fun and easy enough for everyone.

From fitness centers, recreation rooms, and different exercises to keep you healthy. No matter what pace you need to go, activities accommodate all residents.

Some of these fun lifestyle activities range from cooking, painting, shuffleboard, picnics, barbecues and much more!

A Social Community is Important with Age

The quality of life can change drastically with or without a sense of community, especially as we age. Living in an active adult community can provide residents with that community-like environment.

The goal of creating long-lasting memories and knowing their neighbor is a common benefit among residents. For those that don’t live close to their relatives, this can be a great way to stay social.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Many individuals find great friendships and a sense of belonging within the social community of an active adult organization.

Maintenance-Free Living

We’re not talking about just snow plowing, leaf blowing, and basic lawn services. Maintenance-free means all exterior building services including streets, roofs, driveways, and sidewalks.

Adult community staff generally handles even interior repairs, replaces hard-to-reach lightbulbs and other things. Sometimes, having loved ones living close by makes these tasks less difficult.

However, not all people have the help of their family members. For some, the idea of a maintenance-free life is exactly what they need.

Support Services Available

Living independently is something we all strive for, especially as we get older. Although, many of us will experience illness or accidents that prevent us from living without any help.

Fortunately, communities for 55 and older, have multiple services available for residents. Some places require additional costs for using certain support services.

Typical services such as housekeeping, meal prepping, light errands, and pet care. Personal support services like physical rehab, daily living assistance for those in need, and medication reminders.

Convenient Locations

When looking for an active adult community, location is one of the biggest things to consider. Some individuals prefer walking or taking public transportation over driving. For these adults, the location should be near certain places.

Completing tasks like shopping at the mall or attending church events may be difficult if living in certain areas. Moving to a community near hospitals, churches or shopping malls may be ideal for those unable to drive themselves.

Living near grocery stores, theaters, restaurants, and other community facilities make life convenient. Many adult communities are located close to these venues to provide residents with a better quality of life.

Feel Safe & Secure

Many active adult communities have strict security policies in place, allowing only approved residents and guests on the property. Additional security staff is on-site to ensure the safety of all residents. Perks include well-lit parking lots, common walkways, sidewalks, and streets.

Other safety features include working fire alarms and smoke detectors. Also, emergency maps displayed for evacuation purposes and exit doors clearly visible.

As we age, it can become easier to get confused or lost. Having well-lit and clearly marked can help a senior greatly in emergency situations.

Don’t Wait Until Retirement

Active adult communities are “retirement communities”. However, there’s no need to leave your employer to live here.

Although, restrictions for the residents usually include age and income. A common misconception is that members must be retirees to live in a 55+ park. However, that’s not always true.

Members of the community can travel freely or enjoy an active lifestyle without the responsibilities of owning a home. Living in one of these communities can free up more time for retirement activities or just a more relaxed lifestyle.

Be Happy in an Active Adult Community

The baby boomers are moving into retirement. The right residency may offer an active social life, recreation, and activities, privacy, and security, but most of all relaxation.

Most community designs keep the resident’s needs in mind. Offering a socially, physically and mentally active lifestyle for all within the community.

Also, members may meet new people and make new friends. Doing so is easy while taking part in some of the different activities the community offers.


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