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BathBench with Back Instruction

by Kimberly Johnson

BathBench with Back Instruction
The benefit of a bath bench or bath chair is you have the option to back up and sit down on the side of the bath chair’s seat while both of your legs are still positioned outside the bathtub. From a safe seated position, you can then lift one leg at a time over the bathtub wall and turn your hips to face the shower head. Or, if your balance skills are sufficient to do so, alternatively you can “step” over the bathtub wall and then sit down on the bath seat.


  1. All four chair legs remain inside the bathtub (unlike for the bath bench mentioned above). Hence a bath chair’s legs won’t occupy any of the valuable floor space a person using a walker or wheelchair needs to be able to move and turn around inside the bathroom.
  2. Easy installation

You must have more strength and balance skills to lean back further in order to sit on a bathtub ‘chair’ positioned fully inside the tub, as opposed to sitting on a ‘bathtub bench’ that has a seat that extends out over the tub wall. If you decide a bathtub “chair” is the best solution for your needs, we recommend to select a model that has a wide flat seat so there will be more surface area to safely land on.

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