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Avoiding Classified Ad Scams

by Kimberly Johnson
Avoiding Classified Ad Scams

Avoiding Classified Ad Scams

Avoiding Classified Ad ScamsClassified advertising is a good way for people with something to sell to connect with those looking to make a purchase. While most transactions involve individuals who are looking for an honest deal, there are some people who seek a more disingenuous arrangement with unsuspecting targets. If those seeking an honest transaction don’t take precautions to protect themselves from scoundrels, they could end up with a drained bank account or even find themselves in a life-threatening situation. Avoiding Classified Ad Scams
Honest people are always prime targets of scoundrels. Such individuals are generally less likely to immediately identify a thief for what he is and are more willing to believe in the good nature of others. When an honest person engages in a classified ad transaction through a site such as Craigslist, the individual wants to believe that the experience will yield a positive outcome. A criminal will lure the target into a trap using trust as a weapon to rip him or her off. That criminal could also meet with the target in person with both theft and murder in mind. Don’t let an evil traitor of humankind devastate your finances or end your life.
A good way to ensure that you walk away from a transaction unharmed and minimize the likelihood that a person will rip you off is to meet at a secure location. Some stores, malls, and other high traffic locations may offer specific places for such transactions that are well lit, highly visible, and under surveillance. These can be ideal locations for conducting transactions with strangers, when they’re available. Another location that offers an even greater measure of security is a police station.
Law enforcement is in the business of catching criminals and sending them where they belong – behind bars. Criminals often seek to avoid locations where law enforcement officers are likely to frequent. A police station is the last place a criminal is likely to engage in unlawful activity, particularly if the scoundrel is a known criminal or has an outstanding warrant.
Before arranging a meeting at the local police station with someone from Craigslist, contact the station to discuss the situation. They may have a certain process for you to follow to conduct the transaction or can recommend other options for you to engage in a safe transaction.
Never assume the other party in a transaction is a good person just because he or she sounds nice over the phone or email. Criminals are in the business of fooling targets into believing their stories, and they’ll fool you too if you don’t defend yourself. Law enforcement is there to protect you, and you’d be wise to seek their assistance when dealing with an unknown individual in a potentially dangerous situation. Your life may depend on it.
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