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10 Job Roles For Aging Parents

by Guest Blogger
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Many people believe that they are now old and don’t have to work anymore, but this isn’t the case anymore. With growing age, you learn many lessons, and one of these is to work as long as you can and put your experience to good use. It is best if you never relied on others, not even your children. Moreover, working elders are more likely to stay fit and healthy for longer because their brains and bodies are active.

According to a research report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 40% of old age people ranging at least 55 or older are either working or looking for work. You might not have expected, but there are plenty of jobs available out there for older people.

It doesn’t matter if you are retired – you still can work and make your living, because there is nothing more pleasant than living by yourself and meeting your needs.

Read on to know more about the most flexible high earning job opportunities for senior people. You don’t have to work long hours shift; instead, you can have a part-time job which is available in abundance and will make you earn some extra money, have new acquaintances, or can try a different career – the one that you might have never opted because of your then-current roles.

Most Preferred Job Roles for Aging People

Below detailed is a list of job roles that are feasible for people of old age.

1. Consultant

The job role that topped the chart for people of old age is being a consultant. It is a perfect job role for older people who are knowledgeable and with a lot of valuable skills if you had worked in any corporate environment and have a better understanding of the particular field than you must present yourself for this role.

Companies hire consultants for specific fields where guidance and training are needed. This role can be a perfect fit for you, with flexibility in working hours as well.

Part-time consultants can make around $35 /hour.

2. Part-time Driver

Driving in your suitable-available hours is fun, and with being old and not having opportunities for more jobs, part-time driving is genuinely feasible and makes you good money too.

There are several cab services like Uber, myTaxi, Lyft, etc. that hire independent drivers with the flexibility to work in different shifts, timings, and even days. According to a survey conducted by BSG (Benenson Strategy Group), around 23% to 25% drivers of Uber are over 50 years, and what’s more exciting is the average amount that you can make.

These cab services are always in search of older people who could drive at their convenience and cover the routes. This job doesn’t demand any prior driving experience.

The average collection of a part-time Uber driver is around $9 to $15 in an hour.

3. Childcare Provider

Most couples have different working hours, and they often found it way too expensive to hire a baby sitter from a home care provider. Babysitting is an opportunity for older people to look after other people’s children and can even work in a childcare provider agency.

There are also childcare education programs that help you in learning how to provide intensive care to toddlers. After having the certificate or license, the chances of getting a position is more evident in any home care service agency.

Older people who provide childcare assistance are making a good wage average of nearly $10 to $13 an hour.

4. A Salesperson In A Retail Store

Making money online is much easier, but a lot of old people just don’t get it. Therefore, a popular job among these people is working as a salesperson in a nearby retail store. Salesperson positions have flexible schedules with good pay. Interaction with customers makes it more joyous.

You can work in your favorite store, for instance, clothing stores, sports stores, bookstore, pharmacies, etc. Also, you can have a day well spent with people who have similar interests like yours.

The average salesperson makes around $14.12 per hour.

5. Gardener

Gardening is known as a well-liked hobby among older people. But you can make good money by working officially as a gardener. There are many jobs available in a nursery, or a landscape company. Though it is believed that this work is often seasonal, you can still make money from it.

The average hourly wage of a gardener is around $12 to $14.

6. Administration Assistant

Do you have the abilities and qualities to manage things? If yes, then several companies hire administrative assistants to run through operations smoothly, answering phone calls, and drafting emails, etc.

The average pay for this job falls at around $15.

7. Writer

Brands are always on a hunt for writers with the capacity to write on almost all genres. If you a story-teller or can do creative writing like blogs or articles, then you can choose this career as a profession.

You can be a prospective freelancer writer by staying home, writing at your own free will, and maintaining perfect work-life balance. If you have a solid academic background with at least a master’s degree, then you can also provide research paper writing service to students.

Writers make good money, but a regular writer makes around $20 to $30 an hour.

8. Pet Sitter

Pets are considered an integral part of a family, and pet sitting is quite a brilliant job. Also, this job could be a perfect fit for the people who are pet lovers. It doesn’t require any prior experiences, certification, or even a lot of physical strength.

Pet sitting could be an ideal job role with a good payoff as well. According to the New York Post, pet sitters are making around an average of $3300 a month.

9. Teacher

Do you love kids? Do you have enough expertise in your field or a subject? If the answer is yes, then teaching is the most go-to profession for you. It is a profession in which a person never retires. You can also assist students with their term projects for additional earning because a lot of students go to essay writing service UK companies for specialized aid.

If you can’t work full time, there is good news for you. Several educational institutes hire visiting faculties. Check out at your local school, community college, or a center for any adequate opening based on your skills and expertise.

It has been estimated that the average income of a part-time teacher in the US around $30,000.

10. Courier

Being a courier can be difficult, but if you can keep up with the time and manage things up, this could be an ideal job role for elders. There are plenty of opportunities in it. From medical reports delivery to food and from furniture to home appliances, people buy everything online, which means that the demand for this job is significant.

It has been estimated that couriers can make around $14 on an hourly basis.


People who work while aging enjoys many perks like getting good paychecks, having a well-established social circle, sharp mental capacity, and retirement savings.

If you are still thinking about what to do, I have mentioned many opportunities that anyone can avail of concerning their availabilities and can make the most of it, because everyone deserves to live a happy and independent life.

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