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When To Resurface Your Driveway

by Jeff Dailey
When To Resurface Your Driveway

The question of whether to resurface or repave your asphalt driveway may be difficult to answer when you don’t know exactly when to do either of this. Contacting an Atlanta asphalt paving company would be beneficial for they can provide you with appropriate answers to questions. However, for those who want to develop a keen eye in identifying the right time to resurface or repave their asphalt driveway, read on: When To Resurface Your Driveway

Maintenance is not a guarantee

This is not to say that maintenance is not essential because the fact remains that it is. It plays a significant role in prolonging the life and integrity of your driveway. However, heat, ultra-violet rays and other factors (oil, gas and grease) have a cunning way of damaging your driveway, despite vigilant maintenance efforts. Thus, creating cracks that allows water to penetrate the base of the driveway.
A corroded, worn-out and cracked driveway will warrant you to contact an Atlanta asphalt paving company to do the resurfacing job on your driveway, much more if the condition is severe enough.

Understanding Driveway Cracks

Asphalt is naturally hard and brittle and is thus prone to developing cracks over time. Cracks, no matter how small are generous enough to let water in. Cracks and water work hand in hand to wreck havoc on the once smooth asphalt driveway.
Be vigilant about asphalt driveway damage especially after winter season since water that seeps into the cracks expand as it turns into ice. And In the process, it damages your driveway more.
The larger the crack, the soonest you need to fix it if you don’t want to see your driveway deteriorate 100%. Once the latter happens, you will have to ask an Atlanta asphalt paving contractor to repave instead of resurface you driveway.

When do you need a new driveway?

Typically, it all depends on the existing condition of the base layers or foundation of the driveway. As a general rule, if 3/4 of the driveway is plagued with cracks, resurfacing won’t do the trick. An Atlanta asphalt paving contractor would tell you that the root of the problem is in the base of the asphalt and it would need a complete overhaul.
Other signs that suggest the need to install a new driveway include the following:

  • If it keeps on deteriorating prematurely despite your effort to resurface it will hot mix asphalt. This is indicative of a damaged driveway foundation.
  • Presence of depressions or mounds warrants complete reconstruction from the base.

If you ask any Atlanta asphalt paving contactor, they would tell you that an asphalt driveway typically lasts for 15-20 years, 25 even if properly maintained. However, be aware that extreme weather conditions, regular exposure to extra-heavy loads and improper installation (shortcuts during construction) can lead to premature wear and failure of an asphalt driveway. So, once cracks and other effects of wear and tear start to manifest themselves, call an asphalt paving contractor to fix things as soon as possible.

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