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Tips for Clearing Clutter

by Kimberly Johnson
Tips for Clearing Clutter

Tips for Clearing ClutterTips for Clearing Clutter
Everyone is guilty of holding on to things they should throw away. From those old T-shirts you’ve saved from college days to your box of cassette tapes, it’s easy to accumulate items from the past you’ll never use again. Tips for Clearing Clutter
Here are some common items you may consider throwing out:

  • Junk MailThe postal service person delivers it to you every day, and every day you throw it in a pile. Take 15 minutes out of each week to figure out what’s important and what is truly junk. Recycle when you can.
  • Canned Food Your local homeless shelter would love those cans of baked beans you bought and never ate. Put these non-perishable items in a bag and take to your local food drive.
  • Books & Music Old textbooks do not need to take up space on your bookshelf. Also, if the music requires a player you no longer own (i.e. cassette or 8-track player), it’s time to toss it out.
  • Duplicates You probably only use one spatula at a time, so why do you have four of them in your kitchen drawer? Give away duplicates of household items to a college student or to charity.
  • Magazines If you never got around to reading last May’s edition, chances are you won’t ever. Pull out the recycling bin and throw out those old magazines, or place in your work breakroom for someone else to enjoy.

Apply these simple steps to get rid of unused items and get your home back in order.

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