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How You Lose Your Home Thermal Energy?

by Jeff Dailey
How You Lose Your Home Thermal Energy?

158401081-300x200How You Lose Your Home Thermal Energy?

Do you ever wonder why heating your home eats up 40 percent of your energy expense budget? It may be because you are not using your energy the right way or maybe you are unaware that you are losing home thermal energy. Heating the home is the biggest expenditure that most household encounter. Home thermal energy loss, a term used in which heat can escape from an enclosed room, is one of the biggest problems most homeowners encounter but are unaware of. The single biggest reason for home thermal energy loss is by escaping heat through cracks and leaks, mostly in windows, walls and doors. Too much air passing through your house can be a major source of home thermal energy loss. This will greatly affect your energy consumption and will cost you an enormous amount of money on your heating bill in the long run if left unfixed.
There are so many easy measures you can make to ensure that you will not experience home thermal energy loss to the best of your ability and circumstances allow. A thorough inspection needs to be done and the situation assessed as to what actions need to be done to seal your house. Home thermal energy distribution is accomplished by making use of a fan blown, ductwork system that circulates warm air throughout an enclosed room or area. Check your roof after a snowfall, if the snow is melting faster there than your neighbor’s roof then that means you are losing home thermal energy through your attic and that you need to fix up the existing insulation in that area.
Proper insulation should be taken inconsideration when trying to control heat loss. All of your efforts will be for worthless if you don’t take the proper action to assure that your current insulation is up to snuff in maintaining the right level to control your heat loss evenly. Insulation has two main functions: it minimizes the flow of thermal energy keeping your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Another major benefit is that it decreases sound transmission, both from nearby houses but also from noise within your home coming from home appliances such as TVs, radio, washing machine, musical instruments and fax machine.
There are numerous products on the market today that helps you gain affordable access to energy saving methods to a wider portion of the population. Draft excluders can be placed around exterior or interior doors. Cracks or crevices on window frames, floors or floor boards can be filled in with a filler or sealant. Let the heat of the sun come in by opening you window curtains and close them in the evening to trap in warm air. Immediate solution to your problem in home thermal energy loss will not only help you save hundreds of dollars but in a way you are helping the environment by not wasting fossil fuel thus cutting down the emissions that cause greenhouse gasses and inevitably global warming and the horrors that come with it.

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