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Health Benefits of Massage Chairs with Airbags & Air Massages

by Kimberly Johnson

Massage chairs are a convenient way to regularly incorporate massage into your healthcare regimen, providing all the benefits of a massage as and when you desire. These days, massage chairs are more advanced and have more features than ever before, which can quickly turn the seemingly simple task of choosing a massage chair into a complex decision. If you are looking for a full body massage chair, the choice between rollers and airbags is likely to be a key selection in your search. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between the two, and why you would choose an airbag massage chair.

​What are massage chair airbags?


These airbag features apply to the Osaki OS-4000Airbags are another way to incorporate massage techniques into your massage chair. Generally, they will be located in areas that the rollers cannot reach as easily, such as the shoulders, neck, arms, legs and feet. Some airbags may also be included to position different areas for rotation – such as a lower back rotation. This works by pushing your lower back forward with one inflated airbag, and then rotating one side of your hips by inflating a second airbag, rotating and releasing your lower back.

How does air massage differ from other massage techniques and features?

An airbag will provide a compression massage, as opposed to the kneading, rolling, or tapping motions provided by rollers. While airbags can be used to simulate these techniques by rapidly inflating and deflating them, it is much more common for them to be performed by massage rollers in the massage chair. When performing the massage, the airbags will inflate around the area to be massaged—such as your arm—and compress the area. The intensity will vary depending upon how much the airbag is inflated.

​What are the health benefits of using air massage technology?

Compression is a safe and widely used technique to improve blood and lymph flow. A popular example is compression socks, which are used to improve blood flow to the feet and help improve circulation. The compression massage created by the airbags in a massage chair provides the same effect, helping enhance circulation while also massaging tired, aching muscles.

Swelling can also be relieved using compression massage. Just like compression socks, the compression of tissues improves lymph flow (the fluid that cells are immersed in) which helps reduce swelling and prevent swelling from re-occurring.

Improving blood flow to an area is also a key way to help muscles recover from injury or sports, as blood carries oxygen and nutrients which will help the muscle to repair itself.

​What are some of the top chairs on the market?

When it comes to full body massage chairs with airbags, there are two chairs that significantly outperform the competition. The two we recommend are made by Osaki, and include the OS-TW Pro 3 and the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive full body massage chairs.

The OS-TW Pro 3 features an air massage system, featuring airbags located at the upper and lower arms, the sides and back of the calves, the sides of the ankles, and the top of the feet. Each airbag can be independently controlled for targeted massage exactly where you need it. For example, your calves will be gently kneaded by the wave effect of the airbags inflating from one side to another. As one of the most advanced airbag full body massage chairs, the air pressure area as well as the airbag pressure can be varied through the handy remote, allowing you to fully customize the massage area and intensity to your comfort level. Combined with the other features such as a body scanner, heated pads, zero-gravity recline, and the L-track design, the OS-TW Pro 3 will provide all the benefits of a massage in a feature-rich package.

With no less than 38 airbags, the OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive massage chair provides the most advanced air massage available. Airbags will massage the feet, calves, hips, waist, lower back, arms, hands, neck and shoulders. In the arm, calves, and foot airbags, pressure points are activated by the use of rubber stimulators for an invigorating massage. For the lower back and hips, the OS-4000 provides a hip and lumbar squeeze, as well as using the airbags to position you more closely to the rollers for a deeper back massage. The neck and shoulders can be compressed and stretched to release tight muscles in these areas. Also featuring a body scanner, heated lower back pads, seat vibration, zero-gravity recline, and an S-track design, the OS-4000 is an excellent choice for an airbag full body massage chair.

​Where can I buy a massage chair with advanced air massage technology?

When purchasing a massage chair, Senior.com has a wide range, low prices, and excellent customer service.

Airbag full body massage chairs are an excellent choice for compression massages. If you suffer from poor circulation and swelling, or participate in sports, the compression massage provided by an airbag massage chair will help improve your conditions and promote muscle recovery, as well as provide all the other benefits of a massage.

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