Has Your Computer been Hacked?

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A quick way to find out if a criminal breached your account security. Has Your Computer been Hacked?

Cyber criminals have hacked some of the most well-known, powerful companies in the world. When they do, they gain access to tightly-kept secrets, valuable proprietary data, and perhaps most damaging of all, your personal information. When such as breach occurs, will you know about it? Has Your Computer been Hacked?
It may take a considerable period before a company realizes that an intruder has compromised its systems. When the business finally discovers the hack, its reputation is on the line. Before an organization reveals to the world that such a breach occurred, and risk losing clients who might reevaluate their business relationships with the firm, the company concentrates on damage control. Only after it deals with the situation, and crafts a satisfactory public relations response, will it reveal the existence and extent of the damage.

Will you know if a criminal compromised your account even after a company discloses the breach?

You have to protect yourself when dealing with your personal online account information. Change your passwords periodically. Make passwords difficult to guess by using a string of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Never use the same password for multiple accounts. Ever. And finally, check periodically to see if a criminal has gained access to your accounts. Has Your Computer been Hacked?
A good resource to see if a criminal has stolen your account information is: https://haveibeenpwned.com/. This website allows individuals to type in their email addresses or usernames to see if they have been included in publically released information resulting from an illegal cyber breach. Have I been Hacked?
If you discover that a criminal has compromised your account, change the password to that account immediately. Be sure to change the answers to any password recovery questions that may be associated with the account as well. Have I been Hacked?
While you might not be able to stop a criminal from hacking the database of a company you do business with, you can take the steps above to limit the useful shelf life of that information and compartmentalize the damage criminals can do with it.
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Has Your Computer been Hacked?


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