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Fail Tips when Losing Weight

by Kimberly Johnson
Fail Tips when Losing Weight

You have made a decision that your New Year’s resolution this 2016 will be losing weight. Getting fit, a healthier lifestyle and losing weight are the top New Year’s resolutions for Americans. And as studies have shown, nearly half of those who have made this as their resolution last year have failed. Fail Tips when Losing Weight
In order to remedy this, I bet you will read all the articles that will give you tips on how to be successful in this promise. But few fail to recognize their mistakes last year, and will continue on making it this year. This can be very stressful especially if your weight goes on a roller coaster, and shoots up every time. Fail Tips when Losing Weight

Here are some things people do to ensure that they fail at losing weight this 2017:

Doing too much too soon

“People get all excited about counting calories, they over exercise and under eat, and it ends up being too much restriction. Three weeks after they start, they can’t manage it, and the scale tips the other way,” said Jenny Hadfield, exercise psychologist.
Hadfield added that the body adapts to the drastic reduction in caloric intake. It slows down the metabolic rates. Hence, the weight gain after losing a few pounds.
Tip: Take baby steps. A hundred calories before a 30 minute workout works, says Hadfield.

Generalized diets

Popular diets that promises to work for all does prove to be effective, in the short term. But as people often gets bored, and these diets are hard to follow, they would gain the weight back faster than expected.
And as one study have proved, an effective diet for one may be detrimental to another.


Your outlook on food matters. Don’t look at cake as a “guilt food” but as celebratory dessert. This means you only eat it when there is something to celebrate and not as something to avoid. People always go for those that are banned, so the more you want of it. Rewiring your brain to have a different outlook on certain foods can be very helpful. Losing weight will be much easier this way as you don’t restrict yourself more often.

Eating less without exercise

Diets and exercise go hand in hand. Doing one without the other is like burning your own body. It “is like trying to drive your car with zero gas,” says Jim White, a Virginia Beach-based dietician and exercise psychologist.
Tip: Choose your workout routine wisely, one that works for you and your busy schedule. Also, meet with a dietician to customize a meal plan that will complement it.

Going gaga on energy bars

Energy bars are being marketed as a snack, nutrition and protein source all in one. So those who are fitness buffs are natural consumers of it. But for those who are ill-informed, they usually view it as a snack, which means, they would be thinking that they have not eaten a full meal yet. As they fail to know, these bars have sugars and fat, that is needed to be shed through an intensive workout. Eating another full meal would be consuming another 500 calories.
Tip: Instead of binging on energy bars, it would be better to eat more natural foods, like fruits and veggies. As for proteins, fish, poultry, and lean meat will do the work.

Overcompensating your calorie burn

You have worked your a** off at the gym, now you need to recover all those lost calories. Experts argue with this as after an increased activity, people tend to feel hungrier or entitled to a piece donut.
As the old adage says,” A minute on the lips, is forever on the hips.” So don’t overeat after a workout.
Tip: To avoid hunger pangs after a workout, nibble on a snack before your routine. Also, plan your post-workout snack. A fat-free Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit, or some rice cakes with peanut butter are some great ideas.
So now that you have learned what NOT to do, I wish you well on your resolution. Now go lose some weight! Fail Tips when Losing Weight
Article from healthaim.com

Fail Tips when Losing Weight

Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight Fail Tips when Losing Weight

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