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Europe Tour Options

by Jeff Dailey
Europe Tour Options

From the fragrant lavender fields of Provence to the Gothic spires of Prague’s skyline, Europe is a treasure trove of sensory experiences. A lifetime of travel on the continent would let you see it all, but for those with more limited time, carefully planned Europe tours can do more than just take you to the major sights – it can immerse you in the culture and lifestyle that have made Europe the ultimate destination for generations of travelers.
Europe Tour OptionsRather than rushing through an over-packed itinerary, today’s travelers are seeking a real connection with the little aspects of everyday life in Europe. Luckily for those discerning jetsetters, tour operators are savvy to those desires. Tauck, a tour company with more than 86 years of experience in the field, is a leading force in the ultra-specialized tours that put travelers in contact with locals and orchestrate one-of-a-kind experiences.
One of the most exciting developments in guided tours of Europe is the proliferation of different kinds of tours. Whether you’re traveling as a family, looking for a bit of extra adventure or want to sit back and cruise the waterways of the continent, there’s something to suit your needs.
* Family travel Europe Tour Options
Europe tours can be a great way for parents – and grandparents – to spur a lifelong interest in travel in the youngest generations. Whether you’re going as a multi-generational group or just taking the kids on their first big excursion, having the trip organized by experts cuts back on stress and planning in a major way. All-inclusive tours offered by Tauck Bridges have itineraries that are suited for travelers of all ages and take in a wide variety of European destinations, from Bavaria and the Alps to the castles of France and England.
* Adventurous travel Europe Tour Options
Travelers yearning see the world in new and different ways shouldn’t ignore guided tours, thinking that they’re only for low-energy tourists. In fact, Europe small group tours make it far easier to delve into the countries you’re visiting in an immersive way. Tauck’s Culturious small group tours give travelers hands-on “sight-doing” experiences, creating opportunities to interact with the places you travel to and become immersed in the fabric and rhythm of daily life. Cook, create, share the interests of local experts – and enjoy active pursuits too, like walking and bicycling – you’ll energize the mind, body and spirit.
* By land or by water
A Europe tour is often the best way to see a varity of countries and to get the most out of your travel dollar. But there are a couple of ways to take in the sights. While both land tours and cruising take you to the most sought-after destinations, each offers a unique vantage point for taking in the scenery of the countries you travel through. In both cases, your accommodation and transportation are covered, so it’s up to you; which view do you want to have?
The incredible variety of Europe – cultural, historical and natural – gives it almost unending allure in the eyes of travelers. With the right tour, you’ll be able to experience Europe in fine detail, giving you an impression of the nuances that make life in the Old World so rich and unique.

Europe Tour Options
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