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5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors

by Susan Saurel
5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors

As you age, some things are getting better. Most of all, you have more time on your hands. You have more precious moments to spend with your loved ones, but you also have more space for yourself. It’s the best time to revisit that bucket list of destinations you’d love to see.

Have you ever been so impressed by a National Geographic TV show that you absolutely wanted to see a specific country? Maybe you’ve always dreamed about a vacation in Africa. Or maybe you wanted to travel around Europe.

The best part about traveling as a senior is that you don’t have the time limit. You can prolong your vacation as much as you want to, and you’ll still be receiving money on your account.

Everything is possible. You just need enough savings, you have to pack light, and pick a destination for your trip. Speaking of destinations, how about a list of suggestions for senior-friendly countries? You’re surely worried about the price, since you can’t really work for extra income if you’re left with insufficient finances. Here they come: 5 budget-friendly countries that are great for traveling seniors.

  1. Greece

Maybe a plane ticket to Europe will cost quite a bit, but there are so many beautiful places to see there that you’ll easily forget about that expense. Plus, you may visit relatively cheap countries, so you’ll prolong your trip and get great value for your money.

Greece has its luxurious moments. Mykonos and Santorini, for example, are not as budget-friendly as we’d like them to be. But Greece has plenty of other islands that are more affordable and even more beautiful. The islands in the Ionian sea are absolutely breathtaking. Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Paxi, and Corfu seem like a fairytale on pictures, but they are even more beautiful when you see them in person.

The prices are quite reasonable. There are supermarkets in the bigger cities and villages, so you can get affordable food to cook. You can rent a modest, but comfortable studio for around $25 per day if you search well enough.

  1. Macedonia

Don’t feel guilty if you’ve never heard of this country. It’s a small country located north of Greece. Many people don’t know about it, but the ones who discover it can’t help but fall in love. Ohrid, a town by the Ohrid Lake, is heaven on Earth.

The lake is serene and peaceful. It might be a little chilly for morning swimming, but it may also be the refreshment you need.

Do you know why so many people (especially seniors) love Ohrid? It has a spiritual vibe you can never forget. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or not; this town and this lake have such a calming vibe that they bring you to a moment of realization: everything is fine; everything is just as it should be.

Now, let’s talk about prices. This is a surprisingly affordable destination, especially if you want to eat in restaurants. You can get a perfect (and complete) dinner at a great restaurant for less than $20.

  1. Italy

The Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Capri are some of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy, so they are naturally more expensive than we’d hope for. But Naples is just as beautiful and way more affordable. When you’re a senior traveler, you’re not after the most attractive tourist destinations, which usually involve a lot of noise and young people getting drunk. You’re after your peace and quiet, and you’ll have a better chance of finding it in Naples.

We’re talking about one of the oldest cities in Europe, so you’ll certainly have a lot of history to explore. Plus, this is where pizza comes from. If you love writing, you’ll have a great opportunity to blog every single day about the things you discover. The inspiration is never-ending! Here’s a hint: if you can’t write that well but you still want a blog to document your trip, you can rely on essay writing services.

Now, onto the prices: how expensive is Naples? You can have a real pizza for $5. Most meals are perfectly affordable, so you don’t have to stay limited to pizza.

  1. Indonesia

Enough of Europe, right? We want some versatility on our list, so here is another destination that looks like Paradise. Indonesia’s picturesque scenery makes it one of the most desirable tourist destinations on Earth, but that didn’t make these people pretentious. The prices are still very affordable, so you get to enjoy a luxurious vacation without the luxury price tag.

This is the country where you can probably get the biggest value for your money. You can stay in a beautiful guest house room for around $20 per night. There are plenty of vegetarian meal options for ridiculously low prices, but you can also enjoy seafood without breaking the bank. You can rent a car for around $15 a day and explore the area like a real tourist.

Alcohol is a bit expensive here, but who needs alcohol when the breathtaking sights already make you dizzy?
As for the places you don’t want to miss, you should definitely plan a day at the Komodo National Park. And Bali, of course!

  1. Peru

Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, will give you memories you won’t forget. It’s a wonder of Nature that makes you realize just how beautiful our planet is. And that’s not the only beautiful thing you’ll see in Peru. You can enjoy folk festivals throughout the year, so you’ll become part of the colorful tradition of the natives.

The floating islands on the lake, where the Uros people live, will certainly impress you. How could they come up with such a smart way to build homes? If there’s a higher limit for synergy between people and nature, this is it.

As for the prices, Peru is probably the most affordable destination on our list. You’ll love the farmers market, where you can get all kinds of veggies, grains, and fruits for very low prices. The food is tasty and natural. It reminds you how realfood tasted like.

In Peru, you can stay in an actual hotel for less than $30 per night. A meal at a cheap restaurant will cost you less than $10 for two people. If you want a nicer restaurant, you’ll still pay less than $20 for two. Taxi transport is very affordable, so you don’t even have to rent a car.

Now is the perfect timing for you to explore the world! That doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend tons of money. There are perfectly affordable destinations that will still provide for an unforgettable vacation. For seniors, they are even better than luxurious tourism options.

By Susan Saurel

Susan Saurel is a passionate writer from Texas. She is in love with traveling. Teacher of higher category, a writer for the cheap essay writing service EssayWritingLand, PM in an IT company, lovely mom. She wants to share her experience with readers and she has something to say, for sure.

5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors

5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors 5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors 5 Cheap Countries for Traveling Seniors

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