Download this Medicare Education APP

Download this Medicare Education APP

The idea of an ALL VIDEO Medicare educational APP came to me on a beach in Ft Myers Florida. Download this Medicare Education APP 
I was sitting there enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of the ocean and I noticed something.  Many of the people walking up and down the beach were older (yes) but all had smart devices in their hands. Download this Medicare Education APP 
Smart phones and tablets were all around me on the beach.  They were in the hands of a generation of people that (I was told) had not embraced the use of such devices.
My eyes were opened.
I did some research and discovered quickly that the 65+ generation is 2nd only to the millennial generation in smart technology ownership and #`1 in actual daily usage!
I went to work talking with seniors about what they would want in an APP on Medicare.
They gave me great feedback!
They wanted education on their benefits and information on annual changes.  They wanted it in an EZ to understand format.  They wanted to be able to contact someone if they needed to ask questions.
They did not want to pay for this educational information.
This feedback is what I used to create The (FREE) Medicare Educational APP (MMQ APP).
The MMQ APP is FREE to all consumers and is available on The APP Store and Google Play.
The APP is in an easy to use ALL Video format for the consumers smart device.  There are over 65+ individual videos that answer Medicare questions and answers.
If a consumer does not wish to look up Medicare information from individual Q&A’s, we have included a video seminar on Medicare 101 that covers all basic and intermediate information.
There is a video on Medicare supplement buying tips to possibly help a consumer save money on a Medicare supplement health plan.
The Medicare educational videos are arranged by category.  These categories are basic, Intermediate, and advanced question levels.
Sample video questions and answers include:

  • What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
  • What are Medicare Parts A,B,C,D and how do they work?
  • What are this year’s benefits for Part D?
  • How do my VA benefits work with Medicare?
  • I’m over 65 and still working. How does Medicare work with my employer plan?
  • The new Medicare card is being launched in April 2018. What are the details that I need to know?

Each video has full control features.  You can search for videos by topic.   Videos can be saves for future viewing with the APP’s “Favorite” button.
A consumer can “star” rate the Medicare educational videos which can assist others in their search for Medicare benefit answers.
All Medicare information is kept up to date for our users.
This Medicare educational APP will send the consumers notifications directly to their smart device when there are important enrollment deadlines or changes to Medicare benefits.
I know that seniors are very social.
I realized that once this APP got out into the public, seniors would want to share it with friends and family.
I needed to make that process easy.
The orange “Share with friends” button allows a person with the app to share it with a friend very easily.  The person presses the button.  Enters the friends email.  Press the send button.   The invitation to download this great free Medicare educational app is on its way.  Easy!
There is another orange button to “Get a quote.”  This button will allow you to get a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on your Medicare health plan sent directly to the consumers email.
All quote information is private and secure.  We do not share or sell consumer information with any third party not affiliated with the MMQ APP.
If a consumer wishes to find a no cost, local, independent Medicare agent there is an agent button on the APP.  Press it and search for a Medicare agent by city and state.  The APP will bring up agents closest to them.
When the consumer selects an agent, a profile page will appear with the ability to read about the agent’s services and how to contact them.    Consumers will get the agents phone, email, and can even text the agent directly from the MMQ APP.
The Medicare educational APP (MMQ APP) currently has 11,000 consumers downloads with 3000+ daily users.
The MMQ APP has been averaging 4.5 – 5 star rating from these users.
I am very proud of the MMQ APP I created and wish to invite you to download it and share it with your friends and family.
We all know people on Medicare or on it ourselves.   This 21st century tool is breaking new ground and helping people understand a complicated topic that directly affects them or their loved ones.
Go to The APP Store or GOOGLE Play and search MMQ APP 
Download it for FREE and then make sure to open it and fill out the “Welcome Screen” to activate all the videos and information provided. Download this Medicare Education APP 

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