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Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

by Rod Spurgeon
Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

An increasingly popular way for voters to vote in an election is to mail-in their ballots. The process is both quick and easy. Furthermore, it allows individuals the freedom to make and mail their selections from the comfort of their own home. Mail-in ballots are beneficial for those who prefer the process to personally visiting a voting station. However, there are unscrupulous individuals who seek to manipulate this process to serve their own political agendas. Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

Neighborhood Canvasing Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

In this voting manipulation scam, an individual canvases neighborhoods following the arrival of mail-in ballots to local homes. The person knocks on the front door and introduces him or herself as a county election worker, a volunteer at a non-profit organization, or other helpful entity. Once the scammer builds an initial level of trust with the homeowner, the cheater offers to take the person’s ballot to the voting station or to the Post Office, allowing the voter to remain comfortably at home.
If the voter hands over his or her ballot to this individual, it may never be counted in the election. Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud
The scammer is pursuing an unknown agenda and inspects the ballot to see whether or not it aligns with that agenda. If it does, the ballot is submitted for processing. If not, the ballot is tossed into the trash. Consequently, you become a victim of voter fraud. Furthermore, the election results could be affected. Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

Ballot Fraud Protection Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud There are only two ways to ensure a mail-in ballot is recorded properly.

  • First, drop it in the mail along with proper postage or
  • Second, personally take it to an official drop off location.

Never trust a stranger who arrives unsolicited at your home to properly handle your ballot. That individual may not be entirely honest with his or her intentions. As a result, your important vote may never be recorded.
By Rod Spurgeon Avoid Mail Ballot Fraud

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