Boost Socialization in Assisted Living

Boost Socialization in Assisted Living

Social engagement is an important factor in quality of life. Seniors who involve themselves in activity they enjoy are more likely to be satisfied and happy with their life. It’s not always easy to be social in an assisted living facility, especially when you’re new. Groups form over time, and it can be difficult to know if you fit into them. Boost Socialization in Assisted Living

The good news is that there are ways for you to make socializing easier in an assisted living facility. The following 5 ways to help you make friends in your new home.

Making Friends in an Assisted Living Facility

#1: Participate in Activities You Enjoy

To meet people who are similar to you, participate in activities you enjoy. For example, if you like to paint, join a painting class or group. At first, you don’t need to speak to anyone. You can just enjoy painting. However, over time, you will likely strike up conversations with people. This will most likely lead to speaking with them outside of the class or group, and can turn into a friendship.

#2: Offer to Help

You don’t have to go above and beyond to make friends with people. You can simply be nice. When you see someone needs help, go ahead and lend a hand. The person will appreciate you being so nice, and that might lead to a friendship.

#3: Be Friendly

When you see someone sitting by him or herself, say hello and offer to join the person. That person is probably feeling the same way you are, and making the first move is probably relief for him or her.

#4: Ask People for Help

When you need help, don’t feel ashamed to ask for it. As the person is helping, communicate your appreciation. When you see him or her again, you will already know each other so starting a conversation may be easy.

#5: Spend Time in the Common Areas

You won’t meet many people when you stay in your room most of the day. Move out into the common areas to be part of the action. Bring a book or a hobby you enjoy, so you can have something to do. After some time, you may just find that people will approach you to say hello and strike up a conversation. Some of those people will make great friends, while others will just be acquaintances you say hi to from time to time.
Living in a new place can be hard, but making friends can make it easier. Try these tips, and you may just find that it greatly improves your quality of life.
If you find you need additional help with becoming comfortable in your new home at an assisted living facility, contact Kendall Van Blarcom – a personal consultant.5 Ways to Boost Socialization in an Assisted Living Facility

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