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Treasuring Holiday Letters

by Barbara Bates Sedoric
Treasuring Holiday Letters

A tall stack of Kodak photos printed on shiny rectangular cards of a family of four sits stapled together with the corresponding holiday letter written with care by “mom” each year. She probably spent a lot of time crafting the ubiquitous yearly holiday letter and thought about what her intended message would be to those she sent cards to each December.

The words paint a picture of accomplishments, changes, and reflections of the ups and downs of a year in a family’s life.

An old card table is set up in the middle of the bedroom with a box containing tattered index cards with penned updated mailing addresses. Some cards have addresses that are crossed out showing many residential moves over the course of a lifetime. Better systems are now available for keeping contacts updated, but the tradition of using index cards is hard to break for some.

During the holidays, there’s often a joyful feeling when one receives that yearly photo from cherished families near and far. The photos and letters are the visual and written trails of years that have come and gone…of change…of childhoods passing by. Photos clearly show how kids grow up fast and change seemingly overnight from grinning toothless toddlers to school age children then on to young adults and beyond. It’s a time to read and reminisce about what happens in one year to a family.

All of these words might reside in treasure boxes full of letters. They are kept along with many other letters and cards received in one’s lifetime from those who care. The treasure box might also include letters left behind to be read over and over again after the writer is no longer living.

The power of the written word cannot be undervalued. When written down, and not just spoken, words last forever. Consider sharing your written words with others during this holiday season. It’s a wonderful way to connect with those you care about and something they may always treasure.

Happy Holidays from LastingMatters. Treasuring Holiday Letters

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