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Make a Difference by Starting a Senior Care

by Richard Bitner
Make a Difference by Starting a Senior Care

Everybody wants to make a difference. That’s doesn’t necessarily mean changing the world — but it means contributing where you can. But too often in today’s world, it feels like our careers don’t really have a positive impact. We fiddle with spreadsheets, track down leads, compile reports. And at the end of the day, we wonder what impact we’ve really, truly made. Make a Difference by Starting a Senior Care
But there are businesses and careers where it’s still possible to feel like you’ve made a difference. For instance: starting a senior care business. In-home senior care isn’t just one of the fastest growing industries out there, it’s also one of the most impactful. Make a Difference by Starting a Senior Care
That was made clear by a recent study released by Johns Hopkins University. In the study, seniors who struggled with regular day-to-day tasks were provided with in-home assistance and senior-friendly home repairs. At the start of the study, participants struggled with roughly four “activities of daily living” on average. But by the end of the study, the number of activities the average participant struggled with had fallen by half. Make a Different by Starting a Senior Care

Putting the “Care” in Senior Care

At Visiting Angels, one of the top reasons we hear from entrepreneurs for starting a senior care business is wanting to make a difference. Our franchise owners are people who are driven to do meaningful work. They get a boost out of seeing their clients’ lives improve thanks to care, and it means the world to them that their success as a business owner comes with a positive legacy.
Of course, starting a senior care business doesn’t just improve the lives of seniors. There’s a ripple effect of positive change that comes with helping the elderly live more happily, comfortably, and healthily at home. Senior care agencies provide relief and respite for unpaid family caregivers. They give seniors the support they need to get re-involved in the community. And they help seniors stay healthy, creating a positive impact on an already overburdened health care system.

Keys to Starting a Senior Care Business

Does starting a senior care business seem like something you’d be interested in? If so, there are some key issues you’ll need to address:

  • Independent or Franchise? You can start a senior care business on your own, or you can build your business using a pre-set franchise model. Starting your own business allows you to build an independent brand, while a senior care franchise will offer support and guidance as you build your business.
  • Training & Licensing. Unless you’re already a trained and licensed senior care provider, you’ll need to find a program for home care training and apply for your license. If starting a franchise, you may receive substantial support in this area.
  • Choosing Your Market. Starting a successful senior care business can largely depend on choosing the right market. Consider openly available data — like demographic info portal org — to do research in this area. Make a Different by Starting a Senior Care

If you’re thinking of starting a senior care business, get in touch with Visiting Angels. Our franchise system has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their very own home care agencies. For more information on starting a senior care business with us, call 1-800-365-4189 or visit us online today.

Make a Difference by Starting a Senior Care


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