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Lasting Matters Organizer

by Barbara Bates Sedoric
Lasting Matters Organizer

Will They Know What to do Without You?

Don’t leave your legacy or important instructions to chance. Help those who care about you most by planning ahead for the future. Make sure those close to you know what you want, where to turn, and have the information they need at their fingertips.

Use The LastingMatters Organizer to easily convey your intentions as a compliment to your will and estate plan. Use it to explain matters like the disposition of your belongings, handling your social media accounts, and to pass along information about family traditions and history.

It is a straightforward, comprehensive, yet highly individualized guide covering topics about everything that might need to be communicated upon incapacity or death.

Topics include:
• Your end-of-life care
• What kind of service you’d like
• Location of documents
• A list of your passwords
• Care for your pets
• Location of bank accounts

What you choose to share is up to you.
Your family and friends will find what matters most to you and everyone will find true peace of mind.

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