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Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?

by Jeff Dailey
Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?

Excessive dog barking if left untreated can lead to huge problems up to and including returning a sweet dog to a shelter house. The problem has been around for as long as we can remember. Our parents and our grandparents had to deal with nuisance barking and the upset neighbors. Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?
Thanks to the advancements in the technologies, it is fair to say that we have unfair advantage when it comes to dealing with unwanted barking. We have great choice of no bark collars which could be divided into three major groups: Shock Bark Collars, Ultrasonic Bark Collars and Citronella Spray Bark Collars. Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?

Shock Bark Collars Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?

Shock Bark Collars are also referred to as E-Collar and belongs to the family of electronic collars that are designed to detect dog barking, produce and deliver a static pulse stimulation which can be of various levels (which are adjustable). This discharge is delivered via small transmitter built into the shock collar itself. Due the fact that some early models introduced in late 60s were very strong these type of collars have earned some bed reputation.
However, new models come with many different adjustable levels of correction, can be activated remotely via remote control, and may also include the GPS location which is appreciated by many dog owners. Nowadays the shock collars are designed to be used in the field of dog behavior modification and/or dog obedience training.
There are many different electronic collars on the market and thanks to the competition the prices are much more affordable than before. Amazon has a great collection of shock collars and some can be seen below.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars

While shock collars deliver static pulse stimulation the ultrasonic collars are based on delivering the sound which is beyond the range of human hearing abilities but our dog hears it and finds it very annoying. Just as with shock collar the ultrasonic collar is also activated by our dogs barking and is fully automated.

Citronella Spray Bark Collars

Citronella Spray Bark Collars are considered by many to be the most human and the safest no bark collars on the market today. It is based on delivering the spray of citronella which is found to be very annoying by dogs. As the two previous no bark collars the citronella collar is also fully automated and some models could be controlled remotely as well. Do Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars Work?
Based on the results of scientific study conducted at Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine it was found out that Dog Citronella Collars were more effective than e-collars and/or sonic collars. Dog Citronella Collar also comes in many different models some of which can be controlled remotely.

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