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How to Celebrate Your Birthday When Alone

by Carol Marak
How to Celebrate Your Birthday When Alone

If you’re one of the 30 percent of older adults living alone in the U.S., then you might be one who celebrates a birthday solo style. Many of members in the Elder Orphan Facebook group find themselves all alone on special events and even their birthday. Some members have no family at all, while others do have adult children who live at a distance. For the most part, rarely do individuals expect to be alone on such occasions. How to Celebrate Your Birthday When Alone

Celebrating a special day alone doesn’t sound appealing, but if you do find yourself all alone, there are things you can do to make it pleasant and satisfying. A birthday is a perfect reason to pamper yourself. Spend the special day doing things that you enjoy and treat yourself to eating an unhealthy snack — like cake and ice cream. It’s also the perfect time to play catch up with far-away friends on the phone, via Skype or FaceTime.
Here are a few ways members in the Elder Orphan group celebrate special times alone.

  • On the eve of my birthday, I think about doing something I’ve never done before. One birthday, I spent the entire day out telling everyone I met, “it’s my birthday!” I received a bouquet of flowers from a clerk in the grocery market and a free cookie. Plus, I received a lot of birthday wishes too, sure they were from strangers but it felt great to me.
  • This year on my birthday, I sat in my backyard basking in the sun, reading, and enjoying my company.
  • On my birthday each year, I take a day off from work, the computer, and even the phone. I enjoy a full day of peace and quiet with myself.
  • I always get a massage, pedicure, and manicure on my birthday. Then I treat myself to a nice long lunch and a trip to the local museum.
  • Plan to spend an entire day out. Drive to a different nearby town, pack a picnic lunch and bring a book along. One birthday, I took a bus ride to another city 50 miles away. I ate a local restaurant and visited with the patrons there having lunch. You’d be surprised how quickly time flies when engaged with others.
  • Visit the local senior center. They offer several classes. Take a class on something you’ve never done before like drawing. I stayed late and enjoyed their dancing class too. So, just get out of the house and be with others.
  • One birthday I booked a cheap flight to Colorado to see a favorite cousin who’s 85 and very hip! LOL! It was me celebrating her and the beauty of Colorado. I said no cake because I’m on weight watchers so that was it! Pleasant, peaceful and cooler than Texas! Buy yourself some flowers and enjoy your day! How to Celebrate Your Birthday When Alone
  • I go to my favorite store and buy something really nice for myself. Then I buy the yummiest piece of cake I can find! How to Celebrate Your Birthday When Alone

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