Companion Care Aids Families During Pandemic

Senior woman holding cane

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have been far-reaching for the millions of families with aging loved ones, leaving many adult children anxious about more than their parents’ immediate health. More than 77 million baby boomers turn 65 years old –a rate of 10,000 per day –with the Census predicting that seniors will outnumber children by 2035. Each of these individuals will ultimately need some level of care and aging support. This care will fall mainly onto the shoulders of family members who will either become the primary caregiver or must navigate the many considerations of senior care options. In a restrictive

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Companion Care Fills Care Gaps During COVID-19

Doctor and senior man wearing facemasks

With independent, assisted, and memory care communities continuing policies of highly-structured, and minimal, to no-visitor policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, many families weigh the decision whether to bring mom or dad temporarily home or accept their isolation from loved ones. Both scenarios include unique challenges. Companion care – as an adjunct resource –can help ease anxiety and fill in the care gaps created by the COVID-19 crisis whether they are now at home or in a senior living community. Georgia-based, companion care company Angel Companions’ executive team made the decision to continue placing caregivers in both private homes and senior living

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Clean Your House The Eco-Friendly Way And Combat Coronavirus

Senior woman with gloves cleaning bathroom indoors at home

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the cleaning habits that we have at home. Not only are we washing our hands regularly, but we are also cleaning our homes more. The sale of cleaning products in America have sky-rocketed in the last few months as we all try to slow the spread of the virus and other germs. Cleaning is an important part of the battle, as studies have found that the virus can live on wood for two days, on glass for four days and on plastic for up to seven days. The good news is however, that you don’t need

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Isolated? Try this new FREE Senior Website to Connect to Loved Ones

With seniors around the country facing isolation during COVID-19 lockdowns, the Birdsong Tablet, a senior focused tablet, is available in a FREE WEB VERSION accessible with only a web browser helping keep seniors connected to family and engaged during the pandemic. Birdsong features include:  No-phone-needed video chat helping seniors connect with loved ones visually Senior-friendly TV, movie and music ranging from Jack Benny, Milton Berle and Beverly Hillbillies episodes to songbooks to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby greatest hits Word games such as Boggle, Hangman and crosswords as well as card games, number games, memory games, puzzles and trivia Travelogues, virtual museum tours, TED Talks and other educational content

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Staying Safe: How Should I Care for My Masks?

Senior woman against pink background looking straight at camera wearing face mask.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of mask and learned about wearing it properly, check out these simple tips for caring for face masks and ensuring you get the best protection possible from them. Reusing and Cleaning Masks Depending on the type of mask and its condition, you may be able to clean, store and use it again. Cloth face masks should be laundered after every wearing. After carefully removing your mask, place it in your washing machine or an enclosed hamper (then wash your hands). Dry your mask in the dryer or by hanging (in sunlight, if possible, see

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Staying Safe: How to Wear Your Face Mask

Woman Wearing Face Mask Close Up

You’ve chosen the mask you need and now you’re ready to wear it. The way you approach the simple task of putting it on, the things you do (and don’t do) while it’s on your face, and how you remove it will affect the level of protection the mask provides. Technique Matters No matter what mask you’re using, a few essential rules always apply. Wash your hands and face before putting on your mask. Touch only the loops or ties and then the sides of the mask, if needed. And when it comes to gloves, don’t put them on until

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Staying Safe: Which Mask Should You Choose?

Three different protection face masks. Coronavirus prevention.

It’s part of our new normal: Face masks, along with social distancing, are recommended for anyone leaving their home. In some places, you’re now required to wear a mask anytime you go out in public. Three Main Mask Types Understanding their characteristics is the key to selecting the right mask before you venture out. Handmade or do-it-yourself masks may be created from almost any cloth, from bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs to cut-up t-shirts. Tightly woven fabrics are best. Simply fold your material into layers and secure it behind your ears with hair elastics. If you have a sewing machine, find simple

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