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Benefits of homeopathy for Elders

by Kimberly Johnson
Benefits of homeopathy for Elders

Homeopathy is well-known for its holistic approach for health care. It offers some excellent health benefit for seniors. How? Let’s explore. Benefits of homeopathy for Elders

Life is a beautiful journey and ageing is an integral part of this beautiful journey. Ageing refers to a process of becoming older and represents the series of different physical, social and psychological changes in a human being over the time. Nowadays, the elderly population is growing due to advancement in health care facility. We are fortunate enough to have enough sources of information and education regarding elderly health care. Benefits of homeopathy for Elders
Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) has launched a healthy aging program to promote the health and well- being of older people. Apart from preventive measures and conventional treatment, there has been a sudden increase in the use of alternative medicine during recent years. According to the National health interview survey (the year 2002) one-third of the adults using some form of complementary and alternative medicine. Everything from yoga, meditation to ti-chi and herbs are gaining popularity among seniors. Benefits of homeopathy for Elders
Homeopathy is one of them. It is an alternative branch of medical science that works on the basic principle of “like cures like” according to homeopathic principle; a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person, but in the lower dose (and diluted form). Homeopathy is well-known for its holistic and gentle approach for an ideal cure. It works on the “individualization” theory that means each individual has some characteristic features which differentiate him from all others of his own kind. A professional homeopath thoroughly interrogates and collects all symptoms of the diseased person in detail to identify his individual or peculiar characteristic which would help him to identify the best individualized and similar remedy for that case. Benefits of homeopathy for Elders
And as a certified homeopathic physician, I had always observed the miraculous result of homeopathy in different old age diseases. Here I am sharing some great benefits of homeopathy for elder persons.

Gentle and permanent cure Benefits of homeopathy for Elders

As we age, our metabolism slows and various destructive and degenerative changes occur in our body. When we use conventional treatment for old age aliments, there is suppression (temporary relief) of symptoms occur while homeopathic medicines work gently , rapidly and helps in permanent restoration of health. Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) beautifully explained the highest ideal of cure in the second aphorism . And this is the first and most important benefit of homeopathy for elders because they deserve a gentle and ideal cure.

Chances of side effects are lower than the conventional drugs

Usually, homeopathic medicines are highly diluted and typically contain no active molecules, so there are fewer chances of potentially hazardous and adverse side effects in compared to conventional drugs. Even though homeopathic remedies tend to produce an energetic reaction after the administration of the first dose of indicated remedy and may cause different kind of aggravations means worsening of symptoms (medicinal or disease) in sensitive individuals but conventional medicines causes more severe adverse effects in the form of allergic reactions, gastrointestinal disturbances and dizziness. Here is a complete list of adverse effects that caused by conventional drugs.
According to a scientific study conducted by National institute of health concluded that homeopathic treatment is perceived as a low-risk therapy with fewer side effects than conventional drugs. And this is the second benefit of homeopathic treatment for elders.

Act as a “morale booster” Benefits of homeopathy for Elders

During old age grumbling indigestion, joint pain and cough-cold are common health issues that can affect your body at any time. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a live-in doctor or natural homeopathic medicine at home, to treat every day aches and pain?
Homeopathic medicines have been regulated in the USA since 1938 and considered as a safe. It can be easily used at home to treat the common old-age aliments at home. And when the elders are able to manage their everyday problems with the help of these tiny globules, it boosts their morale, positivity and confidence. Scientific studies suggest that seniors with high moral had higher survival rate and increase life expectancy.
But it is important to inform your physician if you decide to take the homeopathic medicine for treatment. And for serious health problems medical supervision is compulsory.

It increases immunity and resistance power of body

The immune system is the disease-fighting system of the body, made up of a network of cells, tissues and organs that destroy the disease-causing organism (bacteria, virus) and protect the body from different infection. During old age, our immune system does not work well and tend to catch common infections easily.
According to well-known homeopath Dana Ullman, when we used conventional medicine as a treatment option, they tend to focus on controlling the symptoms and only short-term benefits occur. And by using this therapeutic invention the chances of recurrence are higher, while homeopathic medicines stimulate the body’s own defence to treat the ill people and strengthen the immunity power, so there is an ideal cure happened with less chances of recurrence.
Elderly peoples already had weakened the immune system and tendency to catch various infectious and autoimmune disorders, so for them, homeopathy offers an excellent benefit of increasing resistance power of body and an ideal cure.

Inexpensive and radially available

According to American psychological association (APA), the majority of elder people do not work or have fewer options for regular income, so economic stability is always a matter of concern for them. The expenses of conventional medicines are much higher than the homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine is inexpensive and radially available.
The good news is that according to a research conducted by National center for Biotechnology information (NCBI) concluded that homeopathic therapy has significantly lower cost than conventional drugs, while they are equally effective in the end result.
Apart from that homeopathic remedies are believed to be safe, when used with other medicines. But homeopathic medicines should not replace the conventional drugs for serious health concern. They should be used as an alternative treatment option. Benefits of homeopathy for Elders
So these were some unique benefits of homeopathic medicines for elders. Do you have any experience with homeopathic treatment? Please do share with us. Until then eat healthy and live well! Benefits of homeopathy for Elders
By Dr. Surbhi Prapanna
Disclaimer– the article is for information purpose only. Not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, prevention or treatment of any disease.

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