6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose

6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose

After retirement, seniors often struggle to find purpose in their lives. Many are surprised at their lack of direction without a Monday-to-Friday job. This lack of motivation can have a damaging effect on seniors’ well-being. Without this sense of purpose, seniors often slip into a sedentary lifestyle. Others find themselves feeling listless, anxious, or depressed. 6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose
At Visiting Angels, we’ve seen how lack of purpose takes a toll on older adults, time and time again. When seniors first get started with a home care assessment, many report feeling a lack of energy, motivation, and direction. When designing a personalized care plan for a client, we often focus on how home care can assuage these feelings.
While there are many ways that home care services can help seniors re-discover purpose in their lives, here are six that we’ve seen work especially well.

1. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to give older adults a sense of purpose and meaning during retirement. However, some seniors feel intimidated if they’ve never volunteered before, or feel uncomfortable in social situations. Other seniors have physical difficulties and need assistance to attend volunteering events. A caregiver’s presence can be helpful in these situations.

2. Taking a Class

A lot of seniors find that retirement is a great time to further their education. Older adults can take the time to learn about subjects that have always held their interest, or can become fluent in a new language they’ve always wanted to learn. Home care services can make it easier for elderly adults to attend classes in person or online.

3. Learning a Skill

While some seniors prefer book learning, others enjoy developing new skills. Some get a kick out of building hands-on skills, like woodworking or refinishing furniture. Others learn computer skills, like coding or building websites. Seniors with creative streaks might find themselves picking up a paintbrush or flexing their writing skills. Whatever the activity, a caregiver’s support and encouragement can often be a crucial boost.

4. Reconnecting Online

Email and social media have made it easier than ever before to reconnect with long-lost friends and communicate across long distances. Unfortunately, many seniors find these tools difficult or intimidating to use. Home care services like Visiting Angels’ social care program connect seniors with caregivers who can help them navigate online spaces.

4. Telling Your Story

Retirement is a particularly ripe time for reflection. Many older adults find themselves with the urge to record their personal history. This creates a cherished document for their children, grandchildren, and future generations. Home care services can give seniors a partner for genealogical research, sorting through old photos, recording important memories, and compiling a personal history.

6. Meaningful Relationships

Sometimes, purpose comes from something as simple as social interaction. Companion care is a type of home care service that pairs seniors who feel lonely or isolated with friendly and compassionate care companions. The conversation, company, and face-to-face contact offered by this type of care can be vital for elderly adults, and caregivers can offer a helping hand when needed.
If you worry that your mom or dad is having trouble finding purpose in their golden years, we invite you to get in touch with your local Visiting Angels. We will be happy to discuss your options for home care services and provide a free, no-obligation assessment. Get started by contacting your local Visiting Angels or by calling 800-365-4189 today. 6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose

6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose 

6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose 6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose 6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose 6 Ways Home Care Can Help Seniors Rediscover Purpose 

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