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5 Technological Advancements for People with Dementia

by Guest Blogger

Dementia is a frightening condition that no one can wish to have. The primary symptom is declining memory loss and the overall inability to perform simple problem-solving tasks. It also impacts a person’s ability to think critically and at the same time, affect the language patterns. It is a common occurrence among the elderly in society. Still, the condition is slowly creeping to younger people due to different causes, chief among them being mental illness issues.

Though advancements in science and technology haven’t come up with a cure, several useful innovations will offer some form of reprieve to family members and caregivers as well. These innovations help in reducing anxiety and stress, while at the same time enable in the mobility of the affected person.

That said, here is a list of the top 5 technological innovations for people with dementia.

  • Special Digital clocks

The major problem that faces patients with dementia is time-lapse. They may not differentiate between night and day. These unique clocks help them interpret the time of day and helps them keep to set routine and schedule. It may not be much, but any assistance on dementia patients is a huge deal and helps them lead normal lives. You might also consider using Reminder Rosie, a clock that allows a loved one to record a message to play at set times. This is helpful for medication reminders and other important prompts.

  • GPS location and tracking devices

It is a common occurrence for a person who has dementia to forget the way back home. It might seem simple to others, but for these patients, it is a lifesaver. Concerned family members would previously not let a relative with the condition go for groceries without company. Thanks to this innovation, caregivers and family members can track their movement and act in time if they notice wandering patterns.

These devices can be worn on the arm like a bracelet ensuring that the patient’s movement can be monitored at all times. If your loved one is not compliant with bracelets, GPS monitors can also can be worn in a shoe like these GPS SmartSoles.

  • Home care robots

Robots have come in handy for dementia patients. They act as special reminders for tasks that need to be done. Furthermore, they can be great assistants that help reduce the workload around the house. They can clean the home and keep it clean for the entire day. Being robots, they follow set scheduled fed into their computer programs, meaning no medication or food will be skipped.

Moreover, they automatically themselves and therefore you need not worry even when away.

  • CCTV in the home

CCTV is not for nannies only. Home cameras can now be fitted and monitored even from a smartphone. Therefore, you can check on the patient even when away attending to other assignments. You can remind them about taking medication or food through a phone call because you will have seen that they didn’t.

  • Supervision of electrical appliances

If the patient is left home alone and has to cook for him/herself, then caregivers and family members need not worry. Electrical appliances can now be supervised remotely and alert those closest when anything goes wrong. If the microwave is one for more than half an hour, the caregiver will know immediately.

Many other innovations are being rolled out continuously in the market that helps dementia patients have normal lives. But these five are essential and accessible by all. They are not so expensive and will go a long way in making easing the burden not only on the patient but family members as well.

Author Bio:

Holly Clark is a freelance health writer and a career carer. Her writing mainly focuses on elder care and well-being. Right now, she is currently working as a consultant for SureSafe.


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