Finding Joy in Difficult Times

Senior woman with grey hair at home

In times of trouble, it can be tremendously difficult to see the forest through that thick stand of trees – giant leafy Southern Oaks if you’re “down South” like us. Mix in a pandemic with the natural bumpy road called Life, and those happy feelings can get lost in the exhaust –and exhaustion. But maybe it’s not “happy” toward which we should set our GPS. There’s a wonderful little quote floating around: Joy is a choice purposefully made -and that’s a different thing than being happy. Happy. Happy depends upon external factors. It most often happens to us, whereas joy is a

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Addressing Issue of Lonely Seniors

We live in a time when we can communicate with friends and family via just a few taps on a smartphone screen. However, despite the increased connectivity that technology brings, research indicates that as a society, we are lonelier than ever before. Recent research has shown that there are more than 11 million seniors (aged 65 and above) living alone without support. And probably, no other generation or age group feels the acute pain of loneliness more than the elderly. Why are seniors so lonely? Age brings many difficult changes that contribute to a lonelier life. One of the biggest problems

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Feeling Alone During the Holidays

Since 51 percent of people over 75 live alone, the holidays are a lonely time for many people. AARP says that number adds up to 15 million people in the U.S., including 27 percent over 65. And of these, 26 percent face an increased risk of death due to the subjective feeling of loneliness. Feeling Alone During the Holidays Loneliness is common during the holidays for a variety of ages due to living away from family and those who feel it the most are empty nesters, the elderly and individuals who are grieving - the loss of a loved one. The

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