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SeniorNews.com started in 2002 as a website to share articles about aging and health. Our mission is to provide educational content and resources so you can live the life you deserve. Senior Exchange Inc. is the parent corporation that manages SeniorNews.com and Senior.com, an eCommerce site selling over 500 top brands and 150,000 products in the United States.

Advertorial Advertising

Advertorials are paid blog content on SeniorNews.com. Articles should be between 600-1000 words and may contain unlimited links. All articles on SeniorNews.com will remain on the site indefinitely, or until you ask for it to be removed. All articles are shared across Senior.com and SeniorNews.com social media accounts.

Dedicated Author Page on SeniorNews.com

Some advertorial partners provide new content for SeniorNews.com on a regular basis and are
given a dedicated author page. To have an author page, we require a minimum of 2 new
articles per month for 12 months. Please contact SeniorNews@Senior.com for special pricing.

Advertorial Payment:

For more information, contact SeniorNews@senior.com

Senior Exchange Inc. Terms of Agreement:

  • Advertorials (paid content) may have unlimited text links and are subject to Senior Exchange Inc. rates.
  • Authorship will appear at the end of an article with 2-3 sentences for a bio and a link to a website.
  • Senior Exchange Inc. may change the title of an article for SEO purposes.
  • Senior Exchange Inc. only uses photographs we own the copyright too. We reserve the right to choose the accompanying photo with each post.
  • Blogs, advertorials or articles remain on Senior.com, SeniorNews.com or other Senior Exchange Inc websites indefinitely. If you want your content removed please contact SeniorNews@Senior.com.
  • If we sell Senior Exchange Inc. in the future, the content goes with the site and terms are subject to the new owner.
  • No Adult Material
  • No Sexual Content
  • No Political Ads
  • No Objectionable Language

Banner Advertising

Leader Board Banner (728px x 90px)

  • Presented at the top of most internal page
  • Static or mild animated banner
  • Size = max 35k
  • 3 ad designs


Medium Rectangle Banner (300px x 250px)

  • Presented to the right on most pages
  • Static or mild animated banner
  • Size = max 35k
  • 3 ad designs







Monthly Flat Rate for all banner ads

Pay by Impressions for all banner ads

Ideal if you are only targeting particular zip codes.

Sample Ad Sizing and Location on SeniorNews.com