Winter Activities for Senior Citizens

Winter Activities for Senior Citizens

The cold weather can keep many senior citizens indoors.  If you’re feeling the isolation that the winter months often bring, consider the following to get you through it. Winter Activities for Senior Citizens

45 Winter Activities for Seniors:

  1. Visit a senior center.
  2. Meet a friend for hot coffee.
  3. Go to a friend’s house for a visit.
  4. Invite friends over to your home for coffee/tea and sweets.
  5. Make holiday gifts.
  6. Color in adult coloring books.
  7. Work on puzzles.
  8. Do the daily crossword.
  9. Set up a warm bath with spa salts.
  10. Prepare a hot cup of hot cocoa.
  11. Make baked goods for friends.
  12. Play games online.
  13. Connect with people on social media.
  14. Try a new recipe.
  15. Play or learn how to play a musical instrument.
  16. Listen to music.
  17. Read a book.
  18. Watch a new show.
  19. Volunteer somewhere like a hospital.
  20. Call a friend.
  21. Call a family member.
  22. Exercise
  23. Journal
  24. Organize drawers.
  25. Schedule doctor appointments.
  26. Plant indoor plants.
  27. Welcome a pet.
  28. Join a book club.
  29. Watch YouTube videos for craft lessons.
  30. Go bowling.
  31. Go to a gym.
  32. Visit a bookstore.
  33. Go to the library.
  34. Scrapbook old photos.
  35. Pet sit someone else’s pet.
  36. Volunteer at a pet shelter.
  37. Arrange a trip for the spring or summer.
  38. Go through your clothes and donate ones you don’t wear.
  39. Learn a new language.
  40. Bundle up and take a walk.
  41. Take a class.
  42. Take a class online.
  43. Shop online.
  44. Go to the mall for walking or shopping.
  45. Meditate

The cold weather may feel like it will never be over, but keeping yourself busy can help make that time move faster. Bookmark this page to come back to it, so you can find something to do when you are feeling as though you need some ideas.
If you’re feeling as though you can’t bring yourself to do any of these winter activities for senior citizens, you may want to talk to someone about it. Kendall Van Blarcom is a personal consultant who can help you figure out why you are not motivated to engage in activities. He can help you avoid isolation that many people deal with as they age.

Winter Activities for Senior Citizens

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