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What is your Aim in Life

What is your Aim in Life

Seniors: What is your Aim in Life?

What is your Aim in LifeWhat’s life about if we don’t get to enjoy it? Once you are over 50 you can look back and see that there have been a number of twists and turns along the way and know that there will be more to come.  Some of these will have been good and some not so welcome. There are things that we cannot predict or control in life but there are also many things that we can.
We know that if we don’t take care of our health we could become ill and have to deal with various medical conditions. We know that if we don’t treat people well they are not going to want to be around us. We also know that if we don’t have things to do we will become bored and boring. We are aware that if we don’t look after our relationships they will eventually fall apart. These are all things that we do have control over and can do something about.
With all the information that’s readily available we really don’t have an excuse to say we don’t know how to take care of our health.   Eating healthy regular meals and having adequate exercise is important as well as getting regular medical checkups.  We need to make ourselves and our needs a priority so that we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and are able to enjoy whatever we decide we want to do during our retirement years, no matter whether they are existing hobbies or new interests.
Is your aim in life to help others by volunteering in some capacity or teaching something you excel at to others, will you help a neighbor that maybe can’t get out and about by helping keeping their garden tidy or picking up groceries for them?  Will you do more for you?
Twenty years ago if you asked what people will do in their retirement you would have been told by most, gardening, do it yourself projects, reading, and looking after the grandchildren. Today’s seniors are much more adventurous they want to do things like starting their own business, the over 50 singles want to date, others drive their motor cycles, or a sporty convertible, and traveling to exotic places for adventure vacations.
Seniors also have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn new things. They are choosing to learn the internet, play a musical instrument like learn and master guitar, or play piano keyboard, they want to learn to dance and many decide to learn how to paint or learn a new language.
Your health, fitness level, financial situation and personal preferences will be a good indicator as to what you can actually do; from there you need to make your own choices. You can take your camper to local fishing spots to find some rest and relaxation there, or, you maybe you’ve decided you’ll learn to snorkel and explore the coral reefs and colorful fish in some exotic location, or maybe surfing lessons at a surfers Paradise. You may choose to tour and play some of the world’s most popular golf courses or you can practice to get a the proper golf swing using a medicus trainer and then play at local golf courses. On the other hand just have many seniors have done for ever, you can garden, read, or babysit your grandkids and that’s good too.  Whatever your heart desires, but please do something fun that you enjoy for your health and sanity.
Author Bio: Shirley is a grandmother that enjoys travel, dancing, golf, learning new things as well as spending time with her grandchildren. She has written a number of articles for the over 50s group. She has developed and presented a program on planning a life in Retirement.  Shirley is the publisher of a website for the over 50s.

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