Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

Many seniors feel overwhelmed by all the new gadgets and tech. But did you know that they could be benefiting the most from new intelligent home technologies? Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

With the aged population at an all time high, it presents new challenges for the modern family caregiver. This makes it hard to balance work and caregiving responsibilities. Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving
By utilizing technology you can bring in some backup help. You don’t have to break the bank or breach your parent’s independence.
We’re going to share the top 4 intelligent home technologies that improve senior care and improve your peace of mind.
Let’s get to it!

1. Digital Medication Devices.

Even the soundest of mind can get confused by a complex medication routine.
Thankfully technology has provided a better alternative to the 7-day box system.
New digital medication devices only dispense the right medication and the right time. This means that a senior no longer has to worry about when or what to take as the machine will dispense it for them.
This is especially useful for individuals with Alzheimer’s. They could be more likely to either take too much at one time or not take medication at all.
Another great feature is that the dosage can be controlled remotely using a computer or a phone to stop a certain medication or increase the amount.

2. Enhanced Doorbell.

The doorbell has got a modern makeover and is full of features suitable for seniors.

  • Flash systems can be built into the home to create a light signal instead of a ‘bell sound’ for those with hearing difficulties.
  • Cameras and microphones can be installed at both ends so that the host and guest can communicate with each other before the door is opened.
  • The camera can also be connected to a tablet device like an iPad so that a senior can see who is at the door even if they are lying in bed.

This can lead to an increase in security. It helps reduce stress over who is at the door and trying to be fast enough to get there on time.

3. Reminder Rosie.

All of us could benefit from a ‘Reminder Rosie.’ It’s an interactive clock that gives pre-recorded reminders at set times.
This is another useful tool to help with medication but can also be used in a variety of different ways.
You can record anything you want, for example: “Hey Grandma, it’s your grandson Noah here, it’s time to take your blue pill and 2 red ones. Love you!”

4. iPad.

One of the most important aspects of senior health is social support and interaction. Isolation and loneliness can have serious negative effects on anyone’s health.
A third of families admit that they live too far away to make daily visits.
Thankfully with technology like an iPad, seniors can stay connected with friends and family from all over the world by using a user-friendly device.
This gives them the ability to video chat with their grandkids on the other side of the world or even see photo updates from their son working in Europe.
Connectivity of this nature can help a senior feel less isolated and it also means that caregivers, for example, siblings, can share the care load and be more involved regardless of their location.

Utilizing intelligent home technologies.

Technology has changed the social care industry.
Recently, I evolved my practice away from traditional therapy and counseling and towards online personal consulting.
Technology is a wonderful way to reach clients wherever they are. It offers a level of convenience, privacy, and affordability that office sessions can’t match.
It also enables me to reach out to seniors and the housebound who might not otherwise be able to access my help. All you need is a telephone or computer!
If you more information to explore this care option please contact me at any time.
Thank you very much for reading this post on ‘the top 4 intelligent home technologies to improve senior care.’ I hope you found it useful and look forward to hearing from you soon. Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving
Top 4 Intelligent Home Technologies for Caregiving

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