Tips for Better Sleep as you Age

  Tips for Better Sleep as You Age

As you age, people experience changes in the sleep patterns they had for years. Some people have the habit of sleeping early; some have less deep sleep while there are others who wake up early. However, it is not completely normal for people to have sleeping disorders. Whether you are 6 or 60 you need to have proper sleep to stay healthy emotionally and physically.  If you are experiencing a sleep disorder these tips will help. Tips for Better Sleep as You Age

Why do you need better sleep when you are older?

It is important to have a quality sleep as it helps to improve memory formation and concentration.  Deep sleep allows your body to repair cell damage as well as strengthen the immunity.
People who have sleep disorders suffer from depression, memory problems, attention, etc. Such people also have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, weight problems, diabetes and breast cancer in women. Tips for Better Sleep as You Age

Know how sleep changes with the age

The amount of growth hormone production decreases as people age and this can lead to deep sleep issues.  For instance, the body produces less melatonin and so you can experience fragmented sleep.

Know the issues

Some of the causes of sleep disorder can be treated. By knowing such causes, you will be able to solve the problems and have improved sleep. It can be reasons like stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.
Some of the common causes are: Tips for Better Sleep as You Age
Poor sleep environment
Consumption of alcohol or watching TV at bedtime will inhibit deep sleep. So it becomes important to have the room dark, quiet and comfortable. Tips for Better Sleep as you Age
Not having a good bed
It is very important to have a good bed to fall asleep. Changing your bed with one of the collections from can be a better option.
With growing age, people tend to consume more medications and this comes with some side-effects, this can hamper the sleep causing some disorders. So in such scenario, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor and get the medications changed.
Lack of exercise
People with older age tend to have a sedentary lifestyle. Such people either experience less sleep or are sleepier throughout the day. So it would be better to have an exercise routine or do aerobics to promote good sleep.
People experience stress for a number of reasons like death of a loved one, retirement, change in lifestyle, etc.  Adding meditation to your routine or talking to someone face-to-face helps.
Less social engagement
People who have less social engagement does have trouble falling in sleep. So it becomes important to meet people by joining senior’s group or joining some classes.

Now what?   Tips for Better Sleep as You Age

Bringing about some changes in lifestyle can help to have better sleep.   You can make simple changes by not using mobile and other devices at night, using your bedroom for activities other than sex and sleep, keeping the clock away so you can’t hear it ticking, etc.  Eating and exercising right can help too. If you have persistent issues we suggest consulting a doctor.

Tips for Better Sleep as you Age

Tips for Better Sleep as you Age Tips for Better Sleep as you Age Tips for Better Sleep as you Age Tips for Better Sleep as you Age
Tips for Better Sleep as You Age
Tips for Better Sleep as You Age  Tips for Better Sleep as You Age  Tips for Better Sleep as You Age

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