Senior Concerns and Needs

Seniors Concerns and Needs

Senior living and housing expenses are significant concerns for older individuals when aging alone, and topics like affordable shelter, transportation, isolation, and lack of connections hold anxiety. Senior Concerns and Needs The 65 and over age group continues to grow since the boomers now enter the demographic. There are thousands of us on our own, and we are in good company. The elder orphan Facebook group that launched last year now has close to 5,000 members. We face similar challenges, like finding personal care after surgery or if we're sick and feeling lonely due to isolation. But it's not just people

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Data helps seniors determine where to live

How Denial About Decline Compromises Senior Care

Seniors want data when searching for the best place to retire. While the younger people have their own lifestyle criteria, older adults have stricter requirements because as they grow older, their needs expand. Data helps seniors determine where to live     AARP claims Social Security is the foundation of retirement and 84 percent of people age 65 and older receive benefits. Social Security provides more than a third of income for retirees which is hardly enough to survive since the average benefit in the U.S. is $17,189/year according to the Census survey. Data helps seniors determine where to live     So what do

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