Fewer Doctors Taking Medicare Patients

Understanding Medicare through Supplemental Insurance

Fewer Doctors Taking Medicare Patients   In a recent discussion with one of my doctors, he and I spent a few minutes discussing the ongoing changes and challenges facing physicians who practice medicine today, and more importantly the impact on new doctors just starting to practice. Fewer Doctors Taking Medicare patients Many of today’s doctors leave medical school with a great deal of debt accrued during the pursuit of a medical degree, and few new graduates can afford to go into a sole private practice. A majority of recent graduates join a group or a hospital to avoid the costs of office

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5 Things to Consider When Comparing Health Insurance Plans

Whether you’re in good health naturally or you rely on medication and specialists to stay that way, finding the right health insurance plan is key—and you could pay a penalty if you don’t have it. 5 Things to Consider When Comparing Health Insurance Plans If you’re self-employed, your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, or even if you simply think you might be better off on a different plan than what your employer offers, you may find yourself buying individual health insurance. While shopping for your own health insurance may seem daunting, breaking down the plans can help you make a more informed

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