How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

Well, here you are: The last kiddo has left home and you’re feeling pretty blue. Maybe you’re worrying all the time. You’re probably a little lonesome (or a lot). You may feel like it, but you are not alone. The Empty Nest Is Actually Full—of Emotions According to, empty nesters may experience insomnia, anxiety and/or panic—as well as feelings of extreme grief, isolation/loneliness, guilt and purposelessness. They may even lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Psychology Today notes that “...parents often struggle with a profound sense of loss, not just because they miss their child, but because their very identities have

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Biggest Senior Concerns

Health and financial security is a prime concern to seniors. In a survey sponsored by the National Council on Aging, found that financial security (71% of seniors) comes ahead of staying involved with family and friends (68%) but women are even more vulnerable than men to financial matters. The study names other worrisome factors like health care and prescription drug costs. The other two are being a burden to family and losing independence. Individuals who help a loved one will risk losing their financial security because they quit their job or work part-time to become a caregiver. They forfeit contributing

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New Aging Dilemma: Living Alone at Home

Kitchen Safety Tips for Seniors Receiving In-Home Care

The healthcare industry has recently spotted a new segement in the older adult population. It’s the aging singles who are 55 and over. They are the aged, community-dwelling individuals who are socially and physically isolated, without an available known family member or designated surrogate.  Some also refer to this group the elder orphans. New Aging Dilemma: Living Alone at Home They’ve been in plain sight for decades, but since boomers enter the 60 years, the aging single demographic will intensify, due to their status of having the highest divorce rates and childless marriages. And in a matter of a few years,

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