How To Keep Your Immune System Strong

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During these tough times of the Coronavirus, please stay healthy and your immune system strong. In a recent newsletter from eDoc Health, which offers good information on keeping our immune system healthy and fit, I want to share with readers. A physician wrote the newsletter and gave beneficial tips to help us fight the flu and other viruses. Lifestyle factors that Impact the Immune Function Exercise - Depending on your level of exercise, it can be good or bad for your immune function. Maintaining a regular exercise routine, which consists of at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day,

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8 Tips to Improve Your Health Working from Home

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Working from home has its ups and downs. Of course, it helps you disconnect from the world for a while and ensure that your health stays in check. On the other side, it can take away the social factor and leave you feeling lonely. If you’re wondering how to cope with remote work, stay sane, and be in shape, here are eight of the most important tips you might need. Let us know how they worked and which ones you chose. Don’t forget to eat healthy – even if you’re at home Eating healthy is important since it gives you

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10 Enjoyable Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Mid section of disabled senior woman walking with walker in garden on a sunny day

The majority of seniors lose mobility due to conditions like serious joint pain, stroke, or injuries from falls. At the point when this occurs, leisure activities and exercises that they used to appreciate may become troublesome. Loss of mobility for seniors doesn’t always equate to the completion of fun occasions. There are several great ways to have fun without having to move around. In this article, we have compiled ten enjoyable activities for seniors with limited mobility. You’ll probably discover something that suits you after reading this article. Let’s get started! 1.    Read Reading is one of the best activities

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How Your Faith Can Impact on Your Health?

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Predicting a person’s physical and mental health can be as simple as asking them what they did on the Sabbath. Religion is one of the most important predictors of health. Spiritual practices have been linked to a reduction in blood pressure, a strong immune system, and the elimination of mental illnesses. Scientific studies have shown that a lack of religion is as unhealthy as smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for forty years. If you want to improve your physical and mental health, you need to start going to church and praying every day. Here are some of the

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Will Eggs Increase your Cholesterol?

Addressing Cholesterol myths: Do eggs cause high cholesterol? Eggs have long been a staple of the American breakfast. Whether you enjoy them sunny-side up, scrambled, hard-boiled, or as an omelet, eggs are no doubt a great start to the morning. Unfortunately, there are myths surrounding eggs, particularly regarding their cholesterol levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, then you probably steer clear of eggs altogether, and if your doctor has warned you about your cholesterol levels, then you may need to cut back on egg consumption. The good news is that you don’t need to fear eggs any longer,

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Remember to Enjoy Simple Things


There are times when life is difficult. And when things are hard, it can be helpful to remind yourself to enjoy the simple things in life. If you feel overwhelmed, with everything on the news or with issues in your personal life, focusing on positives is a way to lift your spirts and reduce feelings of anxiety. If you are struggling and want to connect with a personal support coach, reach out. With experience helping individuals improve their lives, a coach can share strategies such as reframing your thoughts and focusing on small things that bring you joy. How You Interpret

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Pets Can Help Alleviate Stress

Lonely Senior Woman with Dog

As animal lovers know, there are many benefits to having a pet. While it is true that pets can help alleviate stress, they are also a responsibility. If you are considering getting a pet, talk to a personal support coach about what you are expecting and how to choose the right pet for you and your lifestyle. Having a furry friend can provide companionship for individuals who are lonely and, depending on the animal, can provide opportunities to get outside and connect with others. The right animal companion can bring so much joy to life. Pets Can Help Alleviate Stress,

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Does Going on Hospice Mean Giving Up?

Hospice is a special kind of care focused on providing patients with a terminal illness comfort and dignity as their disease takes its course. Because hospice means that treatment will no longer be focused on curing the disease, many families feel that they are giving up on their loved one. While it may be easy to think that, understanding what hospice provides in the context of the patient, their family, and the overall disease progression can provide a new perspective on choosing hospice. Things to consider about hospice: A doctor will only place an order for hospice care when they

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Ultimate guide to prepare for a bright and enjoyable retirement

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Financial security is necessary, more at the age of retirement, and it just does not happen, it needs planning and confinement. Anyone who dreams for a happy and secure retirement, they need to figure out what exactly it means for them. Everyone should have some planning and set goals for their retirement, to have a fun, secure and comfortable retirement. Financial expert at Edumagnate suggests, preparing for retirement starts with examining the goal and time you have for that. After that, you need to check for various types of retirement planning experts and companies, who just raise not the only

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