What Services Are Covered by Personal Care?

What Services Are Covered by Personal Care?

When hiring in-home care services for a spouse or family member, you’ll be faced with a number of options. Home care services cover a range of specialty services, along with more traditional forms of care, which include in-home companion care and personal care. What Services Are Covered by Personal Care?
Many families are unsure at first which type of care their loved one may need, particularly when choosing between companion careand personal care. Companion care services are for seniors who live by themselves and could benefit from conversation and a helping hand with housekeeping tasks. If seniors require hands-on assistance with personal activities, then they will need personal care.
If you’re uncertain about which type of care your loved one needs, it may help to know which services can be provided by personal care professional, but not by a companion caregiver. To assist you in selecting the right type of care for your spouse or family member, here is a short guide to the services that come with personal care.

Personal Care Services

Personal care is recommended for seniors with limited strength, poor mobility, physical disability, or chronic health conditions that limit their ability to perform activities of daily living. These are personal activities, like dressing and bathing, which require physical contact between the care recipient and the caregiver.
Given the sensitive nature of these activities and the risk of injury in the event of an accident, personal care should only be performed by highly trained caregivers. In most states, licensing requirements for personal caregivers are much more rigorous than the requirements for companion caregivers. While a personal care professional will be able to perform companion care tasks, it is unsafe and sometimes unlawful for a companion caregiver to perform personal care activities.
Once you’re familiar with the activities that personal care professionals are trained to perform, it’s easier to decide between companion care and personal care. If your loved one requires help in any of the following areas, personal care will likely be necessary.

  • Chronic pain, limited strength, and poor coordination make dressing difficult for many seniors. Whether your loved one needs help with their whole wardrobe or just a few items, a personal care professional can help them prepare for the day.
  • Many seniors find grooming difficult for the same reason they have trouble getting dressed. Moreover, grooming tools can injure seniors if improperly used. Personal caregivers can assist with hair care, nail care, shaving, and other grooming tasks.
  • Oral Hygiene.Healthy teeth and healthy gums play a crucial role in seniors’ well-being. An experienced personal caregiver can help your loved one follow their dentist-recommended oral hygiene program.
  • A slip in the shower or bathtub can result in a life-threatening injury. While grab bars, shower stools, and non-slip coatings reduce the risk of slipping, many seniors still require the assistance of a professional caregiver when bathing.
  • After showers and bathtubs, toilets are the leading cause of injury to seniors. Personal care providers are trained to help seniors use the bathroom safely, offering compassionate and dignified assistance.
  • If your loved one has mobility difficulties, personal care can make life easier both in and out of the home. Personal caregivers can help seniors get from place to place safely and reduce the risk of a mobility-related injury.
  • Individuals who are unable to transfer themselves from one position to another can benefit from personal care services, which can include transfer assistance performed by one or more caregivers.

Do you have a loved one who could benefit from personal care services? If so, we invite you to contact Visiting Angels®. Our team will provide detailed information about our services and can schedule a free consultation with one of our care directors.
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What Services Are Covered by Personal Care?

What Services Are Covered by Personal Care? What Services Are Covered by Personal Care? What Services Are Covered by Personal Care? What Services Are Covered by Personal Care? What Services Are Covered by Personal Care? What Services Are Covered by Personal Care?

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