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Tips for Writing a Sympathy Message for the Loss of a Mother

No one comes close to the love a mother has for her child. Remember that love each day and keep it safe in your heart. 
A mother builds your heart in her womb. That heart is inside of you forever, no matter where she has gone. 
Peace …relaxation…comfort are what she feels now. Know she is in a special place looking down on you with a smile on her face. 
Your mother has done everything she could to raise you right. Move forward with her smile, words, and presence inside of you each day. 
A mother may not be by your side, but she will always be in your heart. 
Feel your mother’s presence…even if she isn’t in this world anymore. 
A mother’s hug lingers forever – hold onto it forever. 
Your mother’s words will remain with you when she has gone. 
You are who you are because of your mother. 
Hold on tight to your mother’s memories. They cannot be taken from you. 
Strong, loyal, and affectionate – your mother will always be…
Your mother took care of you, and now God takes care of her. 

Words for a Sympathy Message for the Loss of a Mother

If you’re writing a sympathy message to a loved one who has lost his or her mother, consider these:
My deepest sympathies during this trying time. Your mother was a great person and she will always be one in our hearts. 
Your mother defined beauty. No one is or will be quite like her. 
Heaven gained an angel today. God Bless You.
Look up – your mother is looking down upon you with approval and a smile. 
We are sorry for the loss of your mother. She was a kind-hearted woman who was perfect in many ways. She will continue to live through you. 
Whenever I see you, I am reminded of your mother. You are carrying your mother’s memories forward. For that, you are awesome. 
Your mother accomplished all she had to in this life. Now, it’s time for peace. 
Wishing you peace, comfort, and the warmth only your mother could give you with thoughts of her in your heart. 
Think about what you would like someone to say to you when your mother passes or passed. This can help you write your own sympathy message. I hope at least one sympathy message for the loss of a mother helped you find some peace during this very difficult time.
Please know I am here for you, as you cope with this loss. Grieving is hard on the psyche and can affect the rest of your life greatly. Seek comfort and guidance through personal consulting. Contact me now here.

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